XJ rebuild

Well after wheelin my XJ for a year I have come to realize that I do not like my suspension set up at all.

So after doing some research and more research I have come to the decision to upgrade my entire suspension system and drive link. So yesterday Christmas came early! :smiley:
This is the TnT 5.5 long arm kit complete with a new track bar and bracket, upper and lower control arms, a belly and transfer case skit and U-bolt eliminator for the rear axle and relocation bracket for the rear shock to tuck them up higher. I also at the spur of the moment ordered there frame stiffeners as well.

I plan to have the control arms, track bar and bracket and skid powder coated red to mach the jeep and everything else I will just pain black to match the frame and axle which I also picked up a 8.25 29 spline for $80 the other day so that it will be easier to weld on the U-bolt eliminators and I now have the option to put an Aussie locker in the rear. :wink:

And yester day I went and ordered my SYE and rear upper bar pin eliminator, front lower bar pin eliminator, and uppers front shock conversion. I am going to wait until everything is installed before I order my new CV driveshaft and shocks, that way I will have the proper measurements for them.

And with all these new goodies I now need help to install it all, because I will need someone who can help with welding on my body stiffeners and my U-bolt eliminator and shock mounts, as well as a place to put the lift on. And no worries I’ll bring the beer as long as you guys like Coors Light. :laughing:


Seeing that I just picked up a long-arm kit myself, how about we race and see who can get the install done first? :laughing:

But seriously, I am definitely game for helping out if possible. Should be a one-day job, right?

if by 1 day you mean a week then maybe. i can help you wrench and my buddy is going to school for welding so i’m sure he can help you out with that portion. he and i are both in Warwick so let me know.

1 day! :laughing: I wish. I 'm thinking that it’s going to take a few weeks for me to get the parts powder coated. A guy my friend works with does it for motorcycles so I’m hoping that he can do it for a reasonable price. And then once that is done I’ll take Derick up on his offer for helping with the welding of my axle and frame stiffeners :smiley: . Once all that is done I figure it will be a two day process to install the lift. The first day will be the install of the SYE, axle and rear suspension. And then the next day will be the front components. then I’ll just have AAA give me a ride home and measure out my drive shaft and wait for that to come in. and last but not least I’ll go flex my jeep some were and figure out my shock lengths for compression and extension. So hopefully I’ll have it all done some time between now and then hopefully sooner than later. :wink: :laughing:

looks good!

i hope you like the raidus arm setup…

Dam, looks like we need to have tech day’s more often :laughing:
congrats bet be sweet when all done up :sunglasses:

yea I can not wait to see the flex that I will be getting with it. :smiley:

yea I’m hoping that it will turn out how I’m picturing it in my head.

Sweet deal chris, your rig is gonna look nice at 5.5"

well after 2 days and 29 hours of work later the lift is finally in. It would have been smoother if not for one bolt that refused to let go of its nut…

old suspension

new suspension

The old lift

The new lift

now all I have to do is get some shocks, an alignment and touch up on a few loose ends and I’ll be back on the trail in no time.

Looks Great! Hope to see you on the trail.

Looks great, i bet you’re glad it’s done huh, congrats


ahhhhhh, the smell of victory! Looks great! Love the red to match the body too. Congrats!

where was that last pic taken?

cant wait to see it on the trail!

Nice! Hurry and you can make the trail ride next weekend.

that thing looks sick

looks awesome chris… i gotta do long arms now too lol

thanks for all the compliments guys and Girl.

LOL Yea I can’t wait to see how it is on the trial, especially when I get some 33" under there as well.

i don’t think that I will be able to make it :cry: I still need an alignment and wont be able to get one untill next week sometime and even befor that i still need my shocks to hurry up and get here as well. I hate waiting…

It was taken in my driveway.

i think i used to live in that house… 56 Eddy Street?

do the alignment yourself unless your bring it to a place that does 4x4 alignments. the only thing anybody else will do for you is rest you toe in/out. you can do that with an extra set of hands and pinion angle is set by your control arms. i have a magnetized angle finder you can use to check and set it. i can swing by and help you out if you want.

:laughing: You are correct sir. Good eye, I just moved there about two months ago. I set up the pinion angle when we were installing the control arms. I still would need to adjust the toe in and toe out. For my alignment, one of my room mates goes to NEIT and I’m just going to have him bring it in one day and do it there for free :smiley: .