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Wondering if anyone has time on Sat April 18 to assist in the install of a lift kit on an XJ. We probably have the tools necessary and we have a ‘home grade’ compressor that we can use but we do not have a garage or covered area to work. I may be able to use the garage at work where the is a commercial compressor but it is not very level since it goes into a loading dock. Any thoughts, suggestions, or offers appreciated. Chris is anxious to get this done since we have the lift kit and tires just sitting at home waiting.

You could do it at my place but it won’t be until the 25th of the month. I know your anxious but that would be the earliest date possible.

Unfortunately I am out of town from April 23-26 … but I will leave that option open to Chris.

Did you read this post Bob?

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Location: West Warwick I am going to be starting work on the jeep on the 15th right on throught the 19th if you or anyone else wants to come by to do any work on theres, I have some basic tools, should be everything needed to instal a lift

Blue 02 TJ

I have a compressor, my garage space is small & i most likely will have mine in there but so far next week looks awsome weather wise. Only thing i dont have that may be needed is a spring compressor (pending the size of the lift)

Well I liked that offer but if you have to work on your jeep I dont want to cut into your time and make your jeep stay off the road longer…and I dont know how long mine would be down for either…Ive never put a lift kit in a vehicle.

But like I said its a 4.5 add-a-leaf kit from rusty’s

Im starting mine on wednesday morning (the15th) I took some vaca time to work on it.
so im gonna have plenty of time to work on mine.
the adding the leaf will be the hardest part, for the 4.5 coils i would recomend renting a sprin compressor, plus if anything goes ary i have a napa in walking distance & one of the advanced that we getr discounts at just a bit furthur.
my list realy only contains the HD stearing set up, a rear main seal, trans mount & 1/2 inch drop, & blowing the crap out of my fraim rails, posibly some minor welding.

If you are going to come by on sat, get some pb blaster of sea foam deep creep & start spraying all nuts & bolts on shocks, spring perchas etc… now

The 25th is also a trail ride and the cleanup. When I installed my lift of 4" I didn’t need to use a spring compressor we just unbolted everything and let the axel droop down and with a little persuasion we got it in. I have also heard of people just using ratchet straps to compress the springs enough to fit them in. Have you also purchased a transfer case drop or SYE? Cause you will be getting the vibes. I know the feeling of having all your parts and then having to wait to put them on. I had my whole lift in my jeep for over a month till my friend could finally get me into his bay at work. 10 hours latter we were done :smiley: . Just keep pb blasting all the shock bolts especially the 4 bolt in the back that connect to your body. I have heard that those are the ones that like to snap off the most. Also did the kit come with an adjustible track bar?

Yes the kit came with the transfer case drop, new LCA’s, adjustable track bar, new rear shackles(for added lift goodness)

Its a complete kit and by reading the directions it seems pretty straight forward but Id rather not mess something up especially if Ive never done it before.

Sound like you are all set. :smiley: It’s hard to screw it up if you are following the directions, My lift kit was the first one I ever did and it’s been holding up for 3 years going on 4. I would think that the most you have to be worried about is snapping the bolts to the shock mounts and I have heard that the leaf spring bolts are tough to get out as well.

have a plan just in case it does go that way

I have a coil spring compressor in case you need it (but you might be able to “rent” one for free at AutoZone). I’ll be out-of-town for a week starting tonight though.

“The 25th is also a trail ride and the cleanup.”

I should’ve checked the club calender before posting. Looks like the 25th is out.

we shall be doing this on sat the 18th around 9 in the am @ my place If any one wishes to stop by My address & phone # can be found here http://www.oceanstatejeepsters.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=28 7th post on 1st page :mrgreen: there is also a little place around the corner for breakfast, prety good & quite inexpencive

Add-a-leafs are super easy. Just start spraying the bolts now. Your kit should have included all new spring retainer hardware. If it didn’t come with new bushings… buy them now. Depending on the age and corrosion factor I would also buy new mounting bolts for the springs. I like having spares of all of that stuff… so, changing all the old bolts you take off with new ones gives you some spares.

If you need a spring compressor, I have one. If you need any other specialty tool that you can dream up… I probably have that too. My garage looks like a mixture of Harbor Freight, Sears, and Home Depot. Hopefully someday I’ll have a garage I can actually drive in. :mrgreen:

If your not changing the main leaf spring you should be fine other than the shock mounting bolts like someone has mentioned, last few times i did a lift i had to take main springs off and let me tell you was not a fun job, just keep spaying and hope for the best, dont know if i’ll be around but if i am i’ll stop by see if you guys need a hand

If your around it would be great to have you there. I think it is basically adding one leaf to the rear.

Just bumping this up. Chris and I should be there between 8:30 & 9 am. Hopefully a couple of people might be able to stop by and share some knowledge/experience. We have started PB blasting!

I will be borowing the nabours grill for sat, so if you want anything special feel free to bring it
Also unfortunatly i dont have a fridge in the garage but i may pick up a cooler, so again bring whatever you want

i’m headed to CT this weekend otherwise i’d swing by