What next?

finally tor into my long awaited ford 8.8 build. didnt spend too much time. got into the pumkin, removedsway bar, brake lines, calipers, rotors, axles and carrier. tomorrow i’ll prob cut off all existing mounts and maybe start stripping the axle tubes and pumkin. wish me luck

take ya time cutting off spring perches as not to cut into axle tube (ask me how I know). did ya buy new perches yet? I think I used the install kit from more

Haven’t bought any perches yet, but was planning on buying that same kit. I’ve read several build threads on the internet warning about cutting too deep. I’ll proceed with caution but can’t guarantee anything

the insides look pretty clean. mine had so much freak’n rust it took me hours just to clean it all out. new bearings on the outsides to? mine were toast

You need to learn how to use a camera. And compress pictures. :mrgreen:

pfffft. whats wrong with my extra large pics

got all the old bracketry cut off tonight, since eric doesnt like any of my photos, i will not post them.

hopefully some time next week i can get the housing all cleaned up and ready for regear. also seems that the rear brakes will need considerable work $$$$$

No pictures = no happen. :mrgreen:

What’s wrong with the brakes? I’d replace the rotors, calipers, and pads anyway. My calipers were like $20 each after the core charge.

$20 not bad for calipers, from where. i’d expect them to be more. rotors look servicable, but im sure i could find cheap aftermarket ones

just get all new and be done with it. change out everything so you dont have to ever really go back into it all.


advanced auto down here in warwick gives us a club discount of %10 i think. i can pick up whatever you order and get it to you if you need to. check with Crown for some of the stuff as well

Yeah , just replace all the brake system. not worth the hassle of screwing wth the old stuff.

baby steps. looks like i chose the right friends garage to do this in. he has a sand blaster, the pumkin will be blasted hopefully later this week…then on the gears i guess

That has to be the shiniest axel I have ever seen. You should just clear coat the hell out of it and pop it in.

Chrome axles! New trend? :sunglasses:

I was thinking the same thing.

Ooooo, very sparkley… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jay do you have to cut the ears off the ABS sensor and trim that flange off the housing on a YJ? i ended up having to do it for my TJ because of swaybar clearance. Also i didn’t end up having to move the bleeder at all not sure if that is going to be an issue for you or not.

Are you talking to ears on either side of the abs sensor? I shouldn’t have to, I have no sway bar in the rear. And what flange are you talking about, the one near the pinion output?

No self-respecting obsessive compulsive would leave those ears on there!