👋 Welcome to the new forum

Welcome to the new Ocean State Jeepsters Forum

New to the club?

Joining the Ocean State Jeepsters is pretty easy, and can be done in the following steps

  1. Register a new account by clicking Log In followed by Create your account
  2. Check out this Introductions and Membership Info thread which explains the process
  3. Have Fun!

Please note that all new accounts have to be manually activated by a @staff member, this is to cut down on spam accounts.

Already a member?

Our new forum is powered by Discourse. I was able to migrate all our data from the old forum that was powered by phpbb including your accounts.

Please note that although your accounts have been moved over, your passwords have not. This means that you will not be able to log in using your old password.

:warning: You have to reset your password :warning:

To do so, you need the email address associated with your old Forum account. (Scroll down for instructions on how to find it.)

Simply click on log in in the top right, enter your email in the login form, and then click I forgot my password followed by Reset Password

You will then be emailed instructions to reset your password.


  • Your new password will have to be 10 characters long
  • Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email. If it gets caught by your spam filter, make sure you update your spam filter to allow noreply@oceanstatejeepsters.club

If you need to check what your email that is associated with your account, you can check the old forum here

If you no longer have access to the email associated with your account, contact a BOD member and we can change the email associated with your account.

Once you recover your account and get logged in, be sure to update your user profile with your name and any other missing information

Having Issues?

If you are having issues either recovering your account or creating a new one, please notify us as soon as possible at osjinfo@gmail.com

Thank you


This is awesome!!!


If all goes well, we should be making the switch to this forum in January :star_struck:

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Test from the new portal…

Security protocols mean i am disallowed to reach the site without using mobile data. This includes any wifi with tight controls.

Password reset of OTP credential only runs off of the original email used with the forum account. Using username shows a message that email was found and sent, but it wont.

Test photo attached here for function test…

So far, I like it :v::v::v::v::v::v::v:

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Me too! @ricky did an awesome job working on it. :grinning:

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I like it so far as well. I especially like the dark mode.


This site is so much more user friendly than the previous site! So much Easier to find subjects and a lot faster! Great job!


I’m here!!.. lol


Loving the new forum so far. It’s nice to be on a more modern forum platform.


Calling all @Applicants @Probationary_Members @Club_Members

Make sure you don’t miss out on our move to the new forum

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Made it , Thanks Brian & Ricky :+1:


Thank Ricky, he’s the guru! Glad to see you found your way!

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