Story of the Little LJ in OSJ

So today started the mod process, the worse part, spending money

Iron Rock ultimate 4" lift with Bilstien Shocks
SYE from crown (Great Price)
D30 chromos
Detroit locker
TeraFlex 1" Body Lift
Tires (35" MT/R) w/ wheels
Front Bumper
Brown dog MM lift

Ordering Next week
4.88 Gears
Rear Bumper (To get rid of the ugly tube ones)

So a tech day coming to a town near you aka Coventry

If you mean master install kits then the answer is YES.


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I “3rd” the master install kits…

Better to have all new bearings and plenty of shims!

Woo hoo LJ! Nice plan.

Let me know if you need the garage for a weekend we could do bumpers and stuff here with some comfort

You will need the gears, master install kit, and any associated locker/carrier for each axle.

I’ll get you a price on the gears, install kits, and the d30 Aussie

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I have 3.73 gears now so I shouldn’t need a carrier.

I was referring to full case lockers.

Since you have 3.73 you should need think cut gears

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I liked my km2 tires but these new toyos on the ljr are better in snow. Something to think about. The km2 are hard compound and slide in refreeze conditions

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Isn’t the rear axle a Dana 44? Carrier break on the D44 is 3.73 down/3.92 up.

I thought thick gears were just a Dana 60 thing?

Nope, I had them. Much easier than trying to source a new carrier.

Dana 44 Carrier break is 3.73/4.10 This gear set is thick cut and fits 3.73 and down carriers.

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I recommend 4.56 over 4.88 in D30. More ring and pinion tooth contact. Only 2 on 4.88. 3 on 4.56. Doesn’t sound like much, but load distribution.

My issue is I have an auto. Even 488 will be dragging ass

I have 3sp auto in my 2000. 4.56 will be 3100 @ 70mph. 4.88 even worse . Also seem the 4.88s break. Replaced with 4.56 and no more problems.

Dragging ass where? Just throw it in low range!!! :mrgreen:

I run 4.56 instead of 4.88 for exactly the reason cited by Greg.

I loved my 4:88s in my Dana 30… But I was also running 37s and the nsg370 6 speed trans…

Don’t worry about the gears, even with the smaller pinion they are still stronger than the D30 chromo axles when properly set up.

Which auto do you have? 4.56 should be good for 35s… But 4.88 isn’t that much lower. You need to run the numbers and see where you want to be at 60-70mph.

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D30 chromos ordered and Detroit locker. Thank you off-road elements.

Ricky if you can stil get me a price on the gear package that would be great.

Following, hoping my jeep will be heading in a similar direction

35x12.50x15 MT/Rs and wheels bought
Poison spyder bumper bought
Poison spyder front diff cover bought.

Nice, sounds like our jeeps will be looking a bit alike with that setup and the identical color.