Selectable Lockers

just trying to figure out which way i’m going to go.

John how are the ARB lockers treating you?

WillyB did you install an e-locker?

my front locker is giving me some issues some of the time but recently it has been fine. kinda weird. other than that i love them. and if i had to do it again i would have gone the same route


i’m looking at buying a used setup. i think i’m gonna go for it.

ARB lockers are great. Just make sure you buy all new Air components with the used parts. And carry spare air line and repair kits. The only problem with the ARB is air leaks. I went Detroit only because I can’t stand tearing down to fix air leaks. On a daily driver with rotating front ends, you will wear out the seals faster than guys with dedicated trail rigs.

Good luck. Nice locker.

hmmm, i would think air leaks would be the least of your worries. well maybe not since the 60s

Have you considered OX lockers? If I had my choice that what I would go with.

i did but space in my truck was my concern as well as cost. I’m a big guy and i couldn’t picture a good place to mount the lever. Then i was thinking Eaton but i would have to pay for install and a everything that comes along with it. I decided i’m gonna pick up a used ARB 30 spline with Alloy USA shafts and have the locker installed with a used ring and pinion for 800. i just need to get a new compressor and was thinking of getting the heavy duty steel airlines.

put a lock right in it and buy a camry. :laughing:


i love driving my Jeep though

with that said, i do have a HP D30 with 4.10’s and a locker installed. ground clean, primed and ready for your favorite color top coat $500

He already had a Mazda . . . but sold it!

I have to say, I’ve never run a strait up locker in the front axle before. I’ve always gone limited slip or open. Turning in the woods can be interesting at times. But, other than that… the only time I wish I could turn it off is when climbing slipery hills. It has a tendancy to crab walk. I just unlock one hub and go in 3 when that happens. I would just lock the front axle forever and forget it. Detroit is half the money and it always works. The Aussie is a little less harsh I’ve been told. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t just run a locker in the front. I have the Detroits front and rear now.

i hear having a longer wheelbase makes a difference as far as auto lockers go. but i’m just going by what other people say i dont want to have to repay to invent the wheel

I run & aussie in the front & love it. true it does tend to walk a little sideways. I drove this on the street every day this winter & plowed too. not much of a problem, you just have to adjust your driving style. when in 2 wheel drive you don"t even know its there.

I do remember a Detroit in the rear of a CJ that used to make the truck jump lanes when it locked up on the highway. lol. That was the old Detroit though… the softlocker is suppposed to be a little smother. I can’t hear mine banging like the old one in my Chevy.

At highway speeds in the snow with 4wd you definitely do not want a front locker. Trust me. Been there, done that. Short wheelbase just makes it worse. If you plan to use your rig as a commuting vehicle then selectable or Tru-Trac is the only way to go.

what do you think about the rear? i thought the axle i picked up had a limited slip but it doesn’t. i was thinking of putting one in there for now and possibly going the selectable route when i can come up with the money.

lunch box locker

What he said. Detroit locker will make less noise and is alot stronger but will cost 4-5x more.

Valid point about highway speeds in 4wd with a front locker. But, on side roads covered in snow… no problem. Now, I can’t think of anytime I’ve been able to go “highway speeds” on the highway in 4wd. If the highway is bad enough to need 4wd, then you won’t be going highway speeds. To each his own, but I think the lockers are way livable at this point. For the improvements in the dirt, the simplicy of design, and logevity; you can’t beat a locker. If ever considering an ected… just ask John (cookieman) about it.

i put an eaton elocker in the 8.8 and love it. press a button and its on/off. front i got an aussie, and yes it sucks driving in 4wd on roads. when i broke rear driveshaft and had to drive home in 4wd 4-hi. everytime you press the gas it would want to got left or right.