RTI Ramp

I think the time has come to build a club RTI ramp. Hopefully we can have one ready to go in the spring.

My vision is a ramp with integral axle for convenient towing and a “quick release” mechanism to easily raise the axle when we use the ramp.

I will come up with a design for the frame and create a bill-of-material. Before doing that we need to answer a couple questions:

1.) Will we be able to register this thing in RI?
2.) Should it be 20 degree, 30 degree, or perhaps adjustable?

Once we get the bill-of-material we can estimate the cost. I’d guess we are probably looking at $500-$800 if we do this the right way.

Yes, RI Has a provision for home-made trailers. Anything under 3000lbs is $5 per year

Something like this?

It would be easy enough to build. We could use Dana 30 unibearings for the axles. That way it could have a nice t5 on 4.5 bolt pattern, and would be easy to intergrate into a removable wheel design

that thing is sweet.

if we could make it so that it is adjustable, i think it would give us more flexibility

if it’s going to be a bunch of extra work i would would just go with the 30 degree. how many people will actually max it out.

I would just go with the 30 they end up shorter an easier to store/move.

The 20 degree ramps are good for stock size rigs but thats about it.

I have maxed out a couple rti ramps it would be nice to make a wheely bar on the back so if somebody does max the ramp it doesnt try to roll over. :smiling_imp:

For the wheels all you need is the spindles for a trailer (most are 5x4.5 bolt) welded in square receaver stock, slide in and done. Same with the neck at the front.

Got a YJ, I see no need! :smiley: Although that ramp looks really cool! :sunglasses:

Heyo, I’ve been gone awhile with life related things but I’m still alive. Also, I can supply any material needed for this and also provide free access to my shop. Just moved into a new 25,000 sq. Ft. Facility in Quonset.

Perks including but not limited to: fork lifts, mountains of steel and welders anywhere from 110 to 480 amps!

Also, it would be cheaper for you guys to use some of our leftover stock. I can take look at what I’ve got when I get into work tomorrow morning and post some suggested material here if there’s interest. Let me know! Oh, I also have drafting software (autoCAD and Tekla) if anyone wants to draw this thing up 2d or 3d.

That’s close except the axle appears to be a little too far back.

The D30 unit bearing idea sounds interesting. I was kind of hoping we could just rotate the wheels up or something like that instead of actually removing them. We will see how it goes.

We are looking at 4 pieces of 2"x2" 11 gauge tubing that are 8’-10’ long for the main structural members. Any chance to find these in the leftover pile?

I’ve already started creating a design in CATIA.

I was thinking that we could bolt the D30 unit bearings onto plates that have a hinge on the top, and a retaining pin on the bottom. pull the pin, wheels fold up. The other reason was that a lot of people have used ones laying around.

I also agree that it should be a 30* ramp.

I don’t have anything this size exactly. It’s very unusual for us to use any material that light as we mostly do structural work.

I’ve got a lot of 1/2" x 2" flat bars that would make good bracing. A good amount of 4x4 angle that could be used as a base, about 20 feet of sched. 40 1" pipe, 20 feet of sched. 40 1.5" pipe, various small angles (2x2, 2x1.5 etc) and a bit of 3 and 3.5 inch pipe. There’s a lot of stuff piled up outside. If anyone wants to come take a look just let me know.

I can also order just about any steel material that exists, but I would need some notice.


30 degree ramp with Mike’s “wheelie bar” integrated into the design. Its just under 10’ long (not including the hitch) and 5’ tall. At the moment it weighs in at about 250 lbs so it should be fairly easy for one person to move around on wheels.

All thats left to do is come up with a design for the axle. Been thinking about including a torsion suspension instead of letting it ride on the tires. Rather than removing the wheels like a reciever hitch I’m toying with some designs that integrate a lift mechanism so that we can just turn a crank, or push a button (!), to lower it. There will be a little more structure beneath the the top half of the ramp once the axle design is finished.

As pictured, we are looking at about 70’ of 2" x 2" x 11 gauge tube and 25’ of 2" x 1" x 11 gauge channel.

With my new found welding “skills”, I can help with this :sunglasses:

I also offer my skills as a welder, also my plasma cuter would make cuting stock easier

Found this very interesting product. Just about perfect:


Mount them to a swingarm, add a small hydraulic ram, . . .

More progress. Took a little digging to get drawings of those torsion half axles. The rendering below is with 5.30x12" trailer tires.

I’m giving up on a hydraulic lift mechanism. Plan B is a scissor jack. It needs 13"-14" inches of travel, ideally with a speed screw. Once something suitable is found I can finish the structure and fine tune the axle location.

I also have a cost estimate and will open a separate discussion in the members area.

what about a hydrolic jack as a source

Can’t find one with enough stroke.

Northern Tool has a scissor jack that should be workable.