RI Lift Law

Finally found this from the RI inspection station manual - current as of Feb 08.

Vehicles over 10,000 lbs. gross weight and vehicles used for farming or forestry
are exempt from the four (4) inch altered limitations but should be rejected if any
such alteration kit or device is broken, loose or not properly installed.
Vehicles that appear to be altered by elevating or lowering the chassis or body
height by more than (4) inches from the original manufacturers specified height
by use of lift kits, shackle lift kits, tires, spacers, blocks, tubes or any other means
or device shall be rejected unless the owner of the vehicle shows written evidence
as to the original height of the vehicle when equipped with the equipment
customarily installed by the manufacturer.
When inspecting, be sure to check for broken, missing, loose or improperly
installed kits or devices. Check for items that could cause improper steering or
braking. The chassis or body should be equal in height on opposite sides and/or
ends of the vehicle.
Cause for rejection:

  1. Chassis or body appears to be raised or lowered by more than
    four inches.
  2. Chassis or body appears to be altered without written evidence
    from manufacturer confirming original height.
  3. Any alteration or modification of the vehicle that may cause
    improper steering or braking of the vehicle.
  4. Any device used for modifying the vehicle that is loose, broken,
    or improperly or poorly installed.
  5. Any chassis or body height that is not the same on opposite
    sides and/or ends.
  6. Any alteration that violates a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety

4 inches is reasonable. thanks for the heads up John

The wording “Chassis or body appears to be raised or lowered . . .” implies that increased tire size counts towards the 4", i.e. 4" suspension lift plus going from 29" to 33" tires would be 6" total and thus not in compliance. I don’t like this. Good thing its apparently not enforced (yet).

yet being the key word

ahhh i don’t think they’ll really bust your stones unless they really feel like pulling you over. then they’ll just use it as an excuse.

In RI they have always been on the 4" total lift thing. The inspection stations can be laxed… the cops aren’t. But, they usually won’t bust you unless it’s obvious or, the tires stick out past the flares. They are much more laxed on the entire thing than they were 10 to 20 years ago. This is because the cops now are LAZY! Which in this case is great. They are too busy eating dinner and talking on the phone and reading the news paper to worry about it. Did I mention they were also trying to drive doing all this… so, they don’t notice much unless your speeding or driving like an ass. I drove around 9 towns for 3 days with no doors and no mirrors without even being looked at funny.

Anywho… on the whole lift law thing… the state of RI measures from the front bumper. On my Silverado I was issued a violation on lift law and ordered to go to the State Run inspection station in Cranston, RI. There I showed the young man(read older gent) that my bumper has been lowered 5 inches to make up for the 9" of overall lift (3" body, 3" suspension, 3" tires)

“This is because the cops now are LAZY!”

Wow! Thank God this is a private forum! :smiley: :open_mouth:

hey Tex how are you finding the Xenon flares? i was thinking about getting a set but wasn’t sure.

I like the xenon flares. I didn’t install the inner support becuase I’d rather have the flares bend then the fenders when they get hammered into a tree or rock. So far so good. If you wait a little bit you’ll get a look at a non-JK wearing my old JK flares. Doing a hi-line by attaching my JK flares to the hood. I know lots of people giving JK flares away.

you just got my attention… you have any pics?

the plastics should be pretty easy to figure out.

What are you looking for pics of… my jk… or the non- jk wearing jk flares?

it’s on the books for inspection… HOWEVER… there isn’t a fine associated with the violation - so in theory even if you get pulled they can’t fine you for having a lift.

I talked to one of the techs at CPM in Coventry - he said that as long at it was “reasonable” and was mechanically sound he’d pass it. Said that tires shouldn’t stick out past the outboard lugs or 2 inches (aka swampers). I’m going to run mine past and see if I need to get flares since I’ve got an inspection due next month.

All said.Where would you say is the best place to get a lifted jeep inspected in RI. :wink:

I’ve been happy with CPM, but you’ve got to be able to pass. Some of the guys know a guy… price is a premium and if you need to know a guy post up and they’ll send you a PM.

My problem is my tire lugs stick out beyond my flairs by 2.5 to 3 in.I really need 7 in flairs but dont want to spend $400.00 dollars. :frowning: How far does your tires stick out. :question:

Mine are out the width of the outside lugs - from the sidewall to the flare is a solid 3". If they pass mine you shouldn’t have a problem. I’m going to swing by and just ask about the tires and the lift.

why dont you just slap on your old stockers just for the inspection

I dont have stock tires.

Yeah, don’t think the stock tires I have are going to pass inspection… but I might pick up some cheap ones used that would.