Pulling trigger on roof job. Nail gun & compressor needed

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on my roofing job. I might even start stripping it tomorrow. I have everything I need except a nail gun and compressor. Does anybody have a setup that can do the job? Recommendations? I don’t really want to rent because I might end up spreading the job out over several days.

you can use my coil gun, unfortunately i need my compressor right now. I would recommend purchasing a compressor of your own, (makes working on the heep a lot easier).

Cool. I was thinking about buying a compressor. I suppose one of those little pancake jobs is good enough for a nail gun but not so good for impact gun.

Any special type of nails?

I have a compressor(35gal 6hp), air hose, and gun you can borrow. Even some nails you can have. Should be 10-15 coils of them left from my last job. When do you need it? Come on down and grab it any night. I also have a framing gun if you need to do any work prior to the roof.

It is the Harbor freight one so there nails are recommended but
basically any coil type roofer will work but i would recommend a 2 1/2 inch

i have a 25 gal air compressor i ony use for filling my tires and rotating tires… you can borrow it if you want. i dont need it for another 3000 miles

2 1/2" nails are a little over kill unless you are doing an over lay over a layer or two of old shingles. We just use the 4gal compressors from pep boys and beat the hell out of them. We replace them every few years but for $100 it is well worth it. We easily run 2 guns off of it and have never had any problems. The harbor freight guns are nice for the low price but if you can get a bostitch or hitachi grab that as they are MUCH faster. With the name brand guns you just hold the trigger and go. With the HF ones you have to release the trigger after every shot. Actually, the HF gun might be a better choice if you will be drinking. :laughing:

if we where in California than i would think 2 1/2 would be overkill, hurricane season can be a bitch

I don’t use my compressor much, so no hurry on the return. The gun I don’t use much either. It’s a Boch. Nice gun, hold the trigger and run.

So I shouldn’t run with scissors, but a air powered nail gun is cool :wink:

In my days of building houses… we had 3 guys on a roof and one on the ground. Went real fast. 1 guy humping shingles up the ladder. A “Feeder” Sitting on the peak of the roof dropping shingles to the guy with the gun. And the poor guy trying to keep a gun filled with nails for the guy with the gun. We usually would take turns. I personally like the “Feeder” position. :smiley:

I run with both :smiley:

Eric, if you need any tools let me know.

What else do I need besides a nail gun?

nails, compressor, tape measure & Chalk line (depending on exp & just how good you think your eye is)
Shingles, felt paper, tack hammer or staple gun, staples, ladder(s), help both physical labor and some mental (for deciding to wait till December to do your roof) :slight_smile:

There is some logic here. . . its too hot to be working on a roof in the summer.

but now you run the risk of the tar adhesive not adhering

Tar adhesive? Not sure I need any. The section in question is just a rectangle with nothing else in the way.

Eric, the tar is already on the back of the shingles. You really shouldn’t have any problems unless we get a hurricane which would rip them off regardless. Would be a good idea to replace/add aluminum drip edge while you are up there. Since you are stripping the roof and it has leaked be prepared to replace some rotted plywood. You can use 1 1/4 nails. Even on over lays with one layer 1.5" nails would be enough. With the felt and shingle you probably have 1/4" and figure the plywood to be 3/4" and you still penetrate 1/4" through. That is plenty.

ice and water shield at least the first 3 feet, to prevent ice dam leaks.


Just over 2 hours to strip the old and clean it up then another 2 hours or so to lay down the ice & water shield, felt, and lug up some bundles of shingles. That stick-on ice & water shield is sweet. I’d like to do the whole roof with it instead of just the first 3 feet but it would triple the cost of the job.

I’m going to prep the starter row tonight and then start bolting down the shingles tomorrow.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when you don’t start drinking an hour after starting the job.