Parting out 98 TJ... Winch for sale

There is a guy in Cumberland parting out a 98 TJ same color as mine. I grabbed a bunch of stuff: Hilift jack and mount bracket, Optima battery, Currie HD steering, Front Dana 30 Axle oh yeah and I also grabbed the Smittybuilt 10k lb winch with winch plate, fairlead and remote. If anyone is looking for anything I can probable let you know if its still there since I spent 3 hours taking off the Dana 30 and picking it apart. I dont need the winch since I have the Warn 8K so I will be selling it. I picked it up just because I worked out a package deal for everything.

what are you looking to get for the winch

great score, too bad you just bought the new steering set up but it will make for a great spare

I dont want to profit off anyone in the club so I would say make an offer and if its fair its yours. I cant even set a price on what I paid because I bought so much stuff there wasnt a set price on the winch. Send me a PM or text me if you want.

Yeah I wish he was doing this 2 weeks ago I could have saved 200 bucks on the Currie steering but now I can sell the stock TJ steering and use the Currie as a spare

pm sent
how did his steering gear look?
what size engine?
what was the rear axle?

It was a 6cyl and everything under the hood is still there, Rear axle is already gone, Doors are gone, seats are gone. the steering gear is there but I didnt get a good look at it besides when we disconnected the Currie HD from it.

try to grab the throttle body for yourself, its a direct bolt on upgrade, all i need to know about the gear is if i leaks or not & a price

I will call him in the morning and find out for you. I was thinking about grabbing the drive shaft also as a spare. Any other ideas on spares I should grab? I can put the throttle body from the 6cyl and put it on jy 4cyl?

ya, at the very least an extra front wouldnt be a bad idea

Ok so im gonna try to grab the front and rear drive shafts and the throttle body when I figure out what it looks like. What else might I break and wish I had bought off this guy?? He is letting stuff go really cheap

If Derick doesn’t take the winch I may be interested. I can’t find aussie lockers in stock anywhere so I might as well buy something.

i’m not going to grab it. i need to spend that money to get new axles under my jeep after this weekend i REALLY want 4.10’s

Duff, does his jeep have a soft top and doors?

Doors and top are gone. He still has the rear gate left.

have you tried ordering directly from Aussie?

They are out of stock. Just get a Lock-Rite instead. Bob has been running them for long time.

me? yes, they are all the same.

Ok since im still pretty new at this stuff hopefully you guys can give me some advice. Since I picked up the Dana 30 yesterday I was thinking about putting a locker in the one I picked up so I can do all the work befor I installed it onto it so i still have a driving vehicle. The axle I bought Has a small leak where the drive shaft went in I was told its just a seal. So I figures I could clean it up paint it put the locker in and change the seal and then install it onto the jeep. Does this plan make sense or would it just be easier to do it on the axle I currently have. The one I bought had about 120k miles on it where mine has 70k.

I’d recommend locking the rear instead of the front. A locked rear is FAR MORE capable than a locked front. In the front you really want a selectable locker or a Tru-Trac. I’m assuming here that you actually want to drive the rig on the road in the snow. Let me assure you that a locked front is a handful in the snow (when 4wd is engaged). Locked rear is not so bad. For a trail only rig you can just lock the front and the only real downside is PITA to steer in tight trails.

The main problem with locking your rear is that the D35 strength is marginal. Some people will say that locking a D35 you will be more likely to break. The flip side is that with a locked rear you will all-of-sudden be crawling over stuff instead of brute forcing it with an open diff. I’m with the latter school of thought . . . its unlikely you will break something while crawling.

On the other hand . . . if I were you a Ford 8.8 swap with locker would be the absolute top priority right now.

Here ya go:

[size=150]Ford 8.8-4.10’s-disc brakes-bolt in for wrangler - $300 (Taunton)[/size]

Date: 2010-09-11, 10:22AM EDT
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Ford 8.8 rear axle originally out of a 98 explorer, has 4.10 gears and disc brakes. set up to bolt in to a wrangler with SOA. High clearance shock mounts. It’s a 31 spline and is substantially stronger than a dana 44. Would consider trades for other jeep parts. Asking $300 call or text 508-951-4124

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