Death Wobble

I’m just trying to cure a case of DW that just started to show it ugly face when i drive 45. i went under yesterday and tightened everything i found loose, namely the alignment adjustment collar but i still have a minor case. I’m kind of thinking it’s my axle trackbar mount but I’m not sure how much, if any movement should happen at that bushing. let me know what you think.

Yes i believe your track bar bushing is gone and that would add to the cause for the "DW’ also make sure your stabilizer bushings are nice and tight :wink:
Forgot to point out the last track bar i had on the Chief was only 2 months old (Made in China), must of been bad rubber or something :unamused: no wonder there are so many peep’s in China :laughing:

Way too much movement on the track bar end. You can’t really notice any movement on mine.

Is the first picture the bushing? It does not look obviously bad to me. The problem I typically had was the holes on the mounting bracket elongating. Fixed it for good with a new bracket made from 1/4".

i had that problem, because the lift my jeep has had another hole drilled next to the stock hole…

fixed it by welding a washer to keep the hole from elongating

ya, thats what i figured. i’m just going to order an adjustable track bar. it was on the list of purchases for the build anyways.

any suggestions?

the tera-flex one is pretty beefy… its what i got

The JKS trac bars are good and beefy also with very good reviews on them.

my problem in choosing is i’m going to lift it next spring and i don’t want to waste money right now. i might just get the Crown factory replacement and when i know what lift i want to get i’ll get the right trackbar setup. i’m kind of leaning toward a 4" RockCrawler lift. anybody hear anything about it or RockCrawler products in general? i dont really hear about many people running them but with there product line i’d assume they know what they’re doing.

I’ve got a factory one with about 50,000 miles on it. The frame end is in pretty good shape, and the axle end has a Moog 2 piece bushing in it with maybe 2,000 miles on it, made a big difference for me when I replaced it.

$20 picked up in Seekonk/Bristol sound fair?

damn! i would have taken it but i went to Crown Auto at lunch and picked one up. $55. more than i wanted to spend but well worth any cost if it takes care of the issue. i’ll be rolling around the driveway as soon a i get home.

I have a friend running a RockCrawler 4" kit on his JK 2 door. Thier steering replacement and track bars are indistructiable so far. The springs are a little stiff and the shocks aren’t the greatest. He swapped out to a set of Bilstien shocks and Superlift springs and loves it. I’m eventually going to put the RockCrawler drag link and tie rod in. As soon as the dearlership stops warrantying it.

well i changed the track bar and it still wobbles at 45. not sure whats next. caster angle? i have to check the rear track bar bushing tomorrow.

You may have to try dropping the t-case a bit. Although usually you don’t have to with a 2" lift. Thats all I can think of though besides the track bar.

ya, i’ve been meaning to install the SYE i have but haven’t had the time. it weird only because it happens at 45 and just resonates till 50.

drive line angles would not cause death wobble…

if you had drive line angle problems, you would only have vibrations while accelerating (nothing comparable to death wobble)…

this might sound stupid, but it works… try rotating your tires.

doing so will make sure all your lug nuts are tight,and ect… it usually works for me

i just redid the brakes so the front lugs should be ok. the problem with rotating is they have specific rotations because of the tread pattern. i really wish i had my axles rebuilt and ready to bolt up.

Hows your steering stabilizer and your caster angle. My ZJ had DW until I fixed those 2 things.

i have a OME stabilizer. damn caster angle… i’m going to try and measure it either tomorrow or thursday

i was serious about the rotation

i’m gonna drop it off today i think for a “professional” alignment, i’ll ask them to rotate the tires at least front to back