Crawling for a Cure: Oct 4th & Oct 18th, 2014

Crawling for a Cure will offer two events this year, one at Backwoods Farm in Rumney, NH on Oct 4th and then a second at the Quaboag Riders in Monson, MA on Oct 18th. Volunteers are welcome.

Who is going:
1.) 98xj
2.) BrendaMarie68
3.) Derickw
4.) ricky
5.) animal33zj (maybe)
6.) h-bone
7.) achich72
8.) wmagill
9.) Lestat1057
10.) BeerCJ7

We will be going to the Monson Event.

we are thinking of going to the monson event.

we are going to the monson event.

i will put the Monson event on the calender but i’m petty sure i’'l be there

We will be going to the monson event

I am trying to get the day off, but want to go to munsono

Dave and I are definitely going to Monson!!

Sarah and I are in for Monson.

I am working on being at both to show support.

I will be there!!!

We will be going to the Monson event.

Hi all, things are shaping up nicely for our event next weekend in Rumney! We have over 25 raffle prizes to offer, vendors and the usual event stuff!

For the Monson event we can use a little help with volunteers for the guided trail ride. We are planning on doing a few trail rides and the good folks of ECOJOCS have said they will help out and are offering about 6 people to do guided trail rides, ideally I would like a few more people to help out with that. If anyone can help out at the Monson event feel free to post up here or send me a PM.


All right folks, the event is now less than two weeks away. I’ve updated the first post with a list of people who said they were going. If you are going but not yet on the list then post up here.

ALSO, we need a volunteer to transport the RTI ramp.

Ok are trail rides included with gate fees? I’m confused the flyer here suggests this, however the Facebook flyer says that is cost $10/ride.

Volunteer to lead the trail rides!

I can do that, how do I sign up?

PM Jeff (Voodoo Chile). I’m sure he will need a lot of help to keep things orderly out there.

Still need trail leader volunteers?

yes, he will need help. leaders and spotters. there will only be 4-5 scheduled rides through out the day because they dont think the event will be the size of the GTD events. so if we can get a couple more guys that know the trail system to help the event out i’m sure it would be appreciated.