CB Radio Kit?

I’m looking for a CB that has a small profile. I found this:


Any opinion on the kit and which antenna type and mount should I select within the options?


I got a Cobra 19 III from WalMart for $35 and tucked it here. It works fine for trail rides, which is all I ever use it for.
2012-11-06 07.23.41Com.jpg

you want to go with a three foot fiberglass firestick or something like that

I have the Fire stick 4’ It twangs around a bit on the trail, but has better range than the 3’ i had previously

Thanks for the quick replies! Why I like on this kit is that everything is compatible and compact size. I find the choices of antennas, fittings, antenna mounts and antenna lines to be confusing. I also like the idea of a tail light mount. Does anyone have that type on antenna mount?

Honestly out of that kit I would go with the Light mount or the tire mount fittings and the wilson 4’ flexible. Use the Flexible as a precaution to what I did by dropping a 102" on another Jeepster during a run.

if your worried about the antenna being to tall go with a spring mount between the antenna and the mount. i really need to pick one of those up for myself. i mounted mine inside of my center council. fit nice but hard to hear.

I do worry about the antenna being to high, my jeep has less than an inch clearance in my garage. With the wilson 4’ flexible antenna do I need the spring?

I have to take my fire stick off to get in mine, it’s just a 7/16 wrench.

The Wilson 4’ Flex will be good at times but the mount might strain. I would suggest a spring on any antenna that peaks over the top of your Jeep. My antenna has a 180 degree flex and I still snapped the screw base off of it.

Mike they sell in-expensive 3/8-24 quick disconnect for that issue. A simple push and twist and it comes off.

Me too!

OK, so a 4’ flexible antenna with spring attached to the mount is good for CB range plus durability.

I also like the idea of a quick disconnect option for the antenna! Where could I get one of these?


The disconnect can be found at http://www.aesham.com or Amazon and ebay

I ended up getting : Firestik R-1a External Locking Quick Disconnect and Cb Radio Antenna Mount and Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring from Amazon. Both products have good reviews and seem well made.

Now to get the CB Kit itself and install it all.

Thanks again everyone for all your assistance!


Paul if you need a hand installing let me know in all honesty it should take no more than to hours for complete install and testing

I plan on getting the kit sometime in late January early February. Having the help would be greatly appreciated! I’ll make sure to schedule the install at YOUR convenience!

Thank you soo much for offering to help!


just a heads up the trucker store on 102 always has cb atennas, parts, tuners ect in stock if you ever need odds and ends

I just purchased the kit and extras below. I believe that I have everything needed?

Radio Cobra 75 WX ST
Antenna Firestik FS 4’
Mounting Kit Teraflex 1987-2006 Jeep Tail Light Mounting Kit (Driver Side)

Firestik CGA Installation Grommets
Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring
Firestik R-1a External Locking Quick Disconnect Cb Radio Antenna Mount

Here is the picture of the kit from rightchannelradios.com/

I’d like to thank everyone who assisted me in this purchase and a sincere thanks to wmagill for offering to help me with the installation!

Let me know when you are ready to install it. Right now I have to go diagnose a Jeep Liberty Transfer Case.