ball joints

so i’m installing new ball joints in the heep today. just having an issue with the knuckle seating correctly on the ball joint post…? i’m getting a almost a half inch gap between the top of the knuckle and the bottom of the ball joint. any suggestions/ advice?

I think its normal.

I have the same problem on my Jeep when I did my ball joints 2 years ago.

ok, i’ll torque it and hope for the best :imp:

yea thats looks identical to what mine looked like on my passenger side too. I just pushed the boot down and filled it all with grease.

this Jeep is luck i love it otherwise POW right in the kisser

something just doesn’t look right!!! :astonished: :open_mouth:

you’re telling me man! i just dont get it. i’ll be in the driveway ripping everything back apart and putting it all back together tomorrow. I have already spent to much time on this thing and need to get this BS figured out

tried to clear post

my bad i didnt see the date on the post. if you need help on sun. let me know what time. maybe i can help.

i’ll be in the driveway all day if anyone wants to swing by


Your tires do look toed in, but after studying your photos, I couldn’t see any reason why they would be like that so I checked some of the other forums. From what I found, may people have “seen” this same condition on their lifted jeeps. I say seen because it turned out to be an illusion. Best way to check is with a level against the tire. If it shows it being close to vertical (plumb) then it is the illusion you are seeing and not an issue. Other then that I read a bent knuckle or axle could cause this as well.

Good luck

I agree with Glenn. Its an illusion. Drive it

i drove it to firestone and back and now my inner axle seals are F’d. def not an illusion. something is not right. i just tore apart the drivers side and dont see anything too out of the ordinary but the bottom ball joint nut was almost loose enough to undo by hand. i torqued it to 80 ft#'s when i put it together. i have some Napa replacement ball joints i bought yesterday just to see how they look and they appear to be the same size. going back outside now to see how they fit in the knuckle.

can someone take a rough measurement of there D30 inner C so i can compare? i dont know if it is possible for me to have bent the inner C. Freak’n Jeep! always something else. :unamused: back to the driveway

that really sucks…

Measuring from the front of the jeep, I got 7.25 on both sides. That would be a little off center of the ball joints closer to the engine side. Mine has ABS so it looks a little different but I can take a photo if you want.

I wonder if your ball joints didn’t fully seat at first causing the angled in toe?? It is strange that your ball joint would be so loose after torquing it.

Your spindles do not look bent in the photos, the upper portion on mine appears to be parallel to my wheel which matches yours.

Could it be possible that your upper or lower ball joints are offset?

the joints have to be wrong. or the lower isn’t fully seated, or just to long. what year is the jeep?

just pulled the Moogs and installed the the Napa’s and everything is the same, same camber/ same problem. Jeep is an 06’ but the from axle is a HP D30 from a 99 Cherokee. my inner C dimension is about 7 5/8" from center of the upper ball joint to the center of the the lower and flush with the inner portion of the C. This SUCKS! i have an interview for a job tomorrow that i have to prep for and figure out how i’m going to get to and i’m fed up with this POS tonight.

Send me a PM if you are still in a bind for your interview tomorrow. I work in WW and can pick you up on my way in and let you take my car for the day to go for your interview the. You can pick me up at 5.

Your measurement sounds about right. Because of he ABS I was no able to measure it right at the center of the ball joints.

That’s crazy. Everything was fine before? Except for worn ball joints.