Arnold’s Mills July 4th Parade

The parade is on!!! … f=newsfeed

Monday, July 5th.

We missed it last year due to the pandemic, but I got the official letter that it is a GO this year.

Start gathering your cases of candy, water guns and decorations for your Jeep’s!

We will meet at the Showcase Cinema on Route 1 in North Attleboro at 9:15am. We will roll out at 9:30 and head to the parade route for set up and decorating. Parade will begin at 11:00.

Historically we would meet at Chelos on the Water following the parade for food and drinks but we are open to other suggestions.

Sign up below if you will attend.

  1. Stacey and Mike
  2. Tad
  3. Laura
  4. Rau
  5. ?

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Great news. But why on Earth is it on the 5th instead of the 4th.

Perhaps we can try to build a float?

I just checked the Arnold Mills Parade website and found conflicting info on the date. In one place it says the 5th but in another place it says the 4th.

Its a go! Bring on the candy and water for squirting.

The letter from the parade committee says Monday the 5th.

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What’s the theme this year.

It doesn’t say…

Oh and BTW, looks like the 401ers are crashing our party this year.

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Is there anyway to keep us separated from them?

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I don’t know how that would work. They have a very big following. They had almost 200 Jeep’s show up for their Memorial Day parade… we can really compete with that.

I have a funny feeling they are going to be meeting at the showcase too. He said 3 miles away is a really big parking lot.

The more the merrier, I guess! Let’s fly our flags/banners so we can display who we are.

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Its not a competition.

Right… didn’t mean for it to sound like that. Just not sure how we separate, or even if we need to. As long as we stay together getting there and lining up on the parade route, it shouldn’t be a problem

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I agree with Eric that it is not a competition and if you think about it, this is really what they do; drive around with high-end bling builds to show off and impress the public. Politics aside, 401 does a lot of good using Jeeps, chrome, leds and accessories to put on a show, support causes, and lift spirits for kids. It seems like comparing a late-model drag race club to a low-rider club. We can do our thing just as well with or without them.

OSJ has a different mission with many members favoring a different take on the Jeep build. 401 will try to take over any event unless it is off-pavement. It would be cool if we could pull off a car trailer with a buggy on articulation blocks with our trail jeeps in line. It would also be cool to space out the OSJ line from the 401 line so it doesn’t look like a “jeep parade”.

I want to go this year. I have no supercharger to blow up on the ride over this time… Maybe I’ll shoe polish my windshield with “We drive on ROCKS!”

When in doubt… decorate in red-white-blue.

Last time I attended, I bought frisbees, small toys and candy to throw to kids. That was really fun. Remember it gets hot! Avoid chocolate.

Undererstood. And you are exactly right. A logistical shit show is in the works. Do the parade organizers have any expectations with regard to number of vehicles? It might be worth asking them?

We kind of did this in 2019. I had Chris’ Jeep flexed on a ramp on my trailer. The original idea had been to create some paper machete so that it looked like it was on rocks instead of a ramp. Might be worth pursuing something like that again.

Does anybody have a clean barrel that can be used to supply the water canon? Also looking for ideas on how to construct the actual canon. I have a submersible pump and a generator to drive it. Need something that can control the flow rate down comparable to a super soaker.

We can also hook up the sound system.

maybe you could use the wand off a pressure washer, it has a trigger and you can change tips to a spray rather than strong stream. plus if you are just using a water pump it will not put out the pressure that a power washer does so there should be no chance a blasting someones skin off.

Good idea!

Yeah , I get them occasionally :neutral_face: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Anyone planning on attending?

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I think a lot of people will be back to work on the 5th. I contacted the parade organizers asking why they would run the parade on a monday when the 4th is sunday and they said there was something in the town charter or something like that. Strange.

We will be there