Advice on new steering

Ok so I bent my tie rod on Sat in Swanzey so i have to upgrade my tierod at least. I have been doing some looking and the currie currectlync looks to be the best at $400 and but I found the Crown Heavy duty steering upgrade for $177.
Here are the specs.
What I like about the Crown setup is the parts I have now can all be used as spares in case of future issues unlike if I get the Currie i wont have spares. Any thoughts??

Thicker 1" solid steel Tie Rod (not hollow like stock)
Larger/Tougher 22mm tie rod ends (stock is 20mm on most XJs & TJs)
Thicker 1" solid drag link up to the adjustment sleeve
Adjustment sleeve is thicker and shorter providing WAY more strength and much easier adjustment
Has been used on XJs/TJs from stock height to 5"-6" of lift without issue/binding
Closely matches stock setup so trail fixes and part replacement is a breeze (ever been stuck with a broken, highly specialized steering set-up… try finding those parts in a small town…)
12 Month, 12,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty

i ran 3 crown setups before i finally got the Currie. the Crown setup was ok but in my experience the rubber bushings blew out fairly quickly and the drag link to tie rod bar joint wore out as well which is non serviceable but is on the Currie setup. a couple other guys have the Crown setup but they dont seem to have the same issues i did. personally if you can swing the $400 i’d go with the Currie setup. if you need a couple days weeks to get the funds together i have a spare steering setup you can borrow.

but again that’s just my experience

I’ll be buying the Currie steering set up shortly as soon as I can afford it. I can feel my stock set up starting to get a little loose. I also have a spare steering set up if you need it for the time being.


You can still carry a stock setup as a spare.

I have had the crown for about a year now, like Derick all my dust boots blew but i replaced them with the Polly ones from pep boys. it still works good but if i had the cash i would go with rusty’s off road Over-the-Knuckle Steering Conversion … y_Code=ste
eventually upgrade to this :smiling_imp:
Rock Ram Steering System by AGR Performance … artID=5881

Ok I made my decision and ordered the Currie system. It looks like the most bang for my buck and since so many in OSJ have it and havent had any problems I figure it is the safe bet. It looks as though its a reasonable install that I can handle myself hopefully.

if you need help let me know. you will probably want to get an alignment after as well. Firestone in Warwick only charged me 35 bucks which is the cheapest i’ve found. where did you order it from?

I ordered it from Rompalicious it was the cheapest I found. $398 with free shipping. I already need an alignment after I installed the lower control arm skids so I will def get one and Firestone price sounds great. I would def appreciate the help also since this would be my first jump into replacing my steering

I have most if not all the tools to install and sort of align it all once you get it in

That would be a huge help Jeff…Thanks. does anyone know how long a Currie install will take?? I would like to do it soon because my alignment is waaayyy off and the tie rod looks like a rainbow so I dont wanna kill the new tires or myself. they say its 3 to 5 days shipping but i’m thinking the chances are low that I will get it before Sunday so I may have to put it off till next week.

lol freaking awesome :smiling_imp:

It should not take more than an hour to install. The only alignment adjustment that is affected is the toe which is easy to dial in with a tape measure. Getting the steering wheel centered can be a little tricky but is a secondary consideration anyways.

ya it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. i wouldn’t expect it till next week though but when ever it comes in i’ll swing by to help out, any day but Wends work for me. you can do a basic alignment but with brand new tires i’d throw them the 35 bucks to get it all setup correctly.

just let me know when you get it in & we can schedule a day & i can clear the driveway out & you can bring it down & we can get it done

Thanks that would be great it was shipped via the brown Santa this morning so we shall see when it arrives.

My steering came in over the weekend when I was camping so i’m looking to try to install it today possibly. If anyone is available on this perfect day to assist just let me know. Im gonna read through the directions now and see how easy or hard it looks.

sorry Duff, just saw this. maybe we can work something out during the week

After reading the directions I decided it was smarter for me to wait until I had a few helping hands to attempt this upgrade. Im available any evening this week except for Tuesday or Thursday and i’m free all weekend I believe so if anyone is willing to help out just pick a day that works for a couple people and the lunch or dinner is on me.

i just cant do Wends and i’m going away this weekend so my only free day is tomorrow

No work for me tomorrow if you need a couple extra hands.