1 Ton POS YJ

Figured it might be time to make a thread for this Turd.

I’m Devin, been around for a while, dont come to nearly enough events or meetings partly because this jeep has been apart for over a year now, and was broken probably just as much when I did drive it regularly.

Short list:
Sterling 10.5 4 link coils in the back
Dana 60 radius arms and air shocks in the front
Around 122 inch wheel base.

I’ll get caught up with the build when I have the chance to really sit down and organize some pictures. But here’s a few before and during pictures.

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It all started with getting my hands on some tons and pulling my running and driving jeep apart.

Also cut the whole back frame off.

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Thornbirds FTW! :mrgreen:

Couldnt sell them fast enough, all those pictures were 5psi, NO flex to those things.

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Started with the rear first 4 link single tri, went with coils for now and well see how they do. May change to air shocks in the rear some day depending on the wheeling results. If we ever get there. [emoji58]

Overall I think it was around 18 inchs of stretch. I already had a fuel cell before I started all this, RCI 15 gal behind the rear seat.

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Now that is stretching it. Nice.

I may have pushed the front end up a little bit too. [emoji2958]

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Aw4 swapped after a shift kit, pushed way up so I can have a flat belly pan.

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My air shocks finally came in after almost 2 months and some phone fights with customers service.

Shocks means I need towers. So I got the club tube bender from AJ, he was good enough to give us some supplies to make a little stand so I welded that up quick.

I’m looking at the air over hydro setup that Ricky has on his bender because I dont think I want to do all this work tugging on that bender would rather press a button.

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Stand looks good, nice materials used :wink:

Came out good! I think with the hydro assist itll be perfect. Solid set up but not too bad to move around.

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Got Bend Tech today and that’s definitely got a learning curve. Going to get the Die tomorrow and see what I can do and how much tube I can waste trying this bender out.

Went Friday to Dubois Motorsports, guy has it all. DOM, mounts, whole wall of AN fittings. I will definitely be going back.

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What gauge are those tabs?

Look to be 1/8th inch. Was going to gusset them to make the hoop a little stronger. They’re marketed as coil over tabs but I know what you’re thinking, look a little thin.

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Ya, i put some 3/16" tabs on and i was not feeling good about them. I bought my 1/4" sets from Barnes at $17 a pair. Solid and a good price.

I think I may look into that then.

Did a test bendafter picking up die from Ricky. Just a small 180 degree hoop for a cross member that will hold up my grill/rad/be the back side support for my winch plate.

I’m going to invest in that hydraulic attachment because pulling this handle blows. Also had to anchor it to the floor to really pull on that handle, hydraulic will make it Mobile.

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Well first peice that I bent myself went on the jeep. Not very complex obviously. This cross member will hold up my grill/rad. May look a little crooked but as you can see i dont have the firewall to grill adjustment rods in its actually my grill that is crooked.

Picked up a harbor freight tube notcher, it’s nothing crazy about what youd expect for 40 bucks. All notches need to be cleaned up after with the grinder but it sure beats doing the whole notch with the grinder.

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Is that a wj steering box? Why did you pick that

JK actually.

I wanted to keep a steering box so I could drive it on the street, full hydro on road kinda sketches me out. The axle is so far forward that it needed a box with a forward facing pitman arm, was going to do an astro box but the mounting profile didnt end up where I wanted it. JK boxes are pretty easy to come by, and easy to drill out for hydro assist.

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Really cant complain about this HF notcher.

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