Zone rear shock relocation kit

Just put these on my XJ today. Gained 3" of clearance in the rear under the axle.

where did it mount before? way down low right? i really need to relocate mine. hopefully next spring

Yeah they hung way down below the axle. The ones I bought work on TJ’s too. I got them on eBay. I think they were like $ 30-40. Alot stronger than stock.

Did you have to replace the shocks or does the kit also relocate the upper bracket?

I would imagine new shocks, it would be hard to mount the shock so that it takes up the 4" of ground clearence he picked up…

I didn’t replace the shocks cuz my shocks were almost maxed out in the back because I put lift blocks in a while ago. They are back to where the are supposed to be.

can you post a link to where these are for sale?? so interested in these! right now I’m at 10inches of clearance from the ground to the bottom of my diff.

This isn’t the zone kit but it’s what I have on my XJ. … ators.aspx

Here is the link