You'd think . . .

So I’ve spent the last couple hours getting my Jeep ready for next weekend. One of the tasks was to replace the oil pressure sending unit. Its not located in a particularly convenient spot (as might be expected) but still should have only taken a few minutes. You just need a large deep socket to get on it. You’d think the original would take the same size socket at the replacement so I went and bought a 1 1/6" that fit on the replacement. That was $10 so already I have more tied up in tools than I do for the part itself. Turns out the original is not 1 1/16"! Looks like its 1" but hard to say for sure because you can’t actually get in there with a wrench or anything to check. Back to Sears for the second time.

How did you make out? I have sockets in all those different sized increments.

Went back and bought the 1". Turns out its not quite as deep as the 1 1/6" and so will not fill all the way over the sensor. At that point I walked away and started drinking. Maybe all I really needed was a hammer?

[i][b]Hi Eric

This might be an extreme, but when I installed my OP gauge, I ran into the same problem as far as easily getting to the OEM sender. My other problem was that I needed the OEM because it is tied to the computer. I went to … t&Manf=All

and purchased an oil filter adapter plate (Part No: CON-021). It has 4 ports that can be used for senders, lines, etc. For $30, it was worth the hassle taking everything off the engine.[/b][/i]

Turns out they make a special “oil pressure sending unit” socket. One socket has both the 1" and 1 1/16" built in plus plenty deep. Who’d a thunk it?

didnt i say there was prolly a specialty socket 4 that