You can take the boy outta the Jeep, but....

You can’t take the Jeep outta the boy.
I just purchased my third, a 2013 Wrangler. '2.5 lift, '35 BF T/A’s, Khaki with black accents. A far cry from my '77 CJ7 and My '94 YJ. Way too many years in a Honda Civic between Wranglers! Looking forward to some new adventures, on and off road.


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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Chris


Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!


Welcome come join us. U want to see what the club is made of join us for a camp and wheel


Now I just need to figure out how to down load a profile pic.

Any pics of the 77?

They’re tucked away somewhere. I’ll have to look and scan. It was a CJ7, had a 350 conversion with a 400 Automatic, American Racing Hurricane wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja’s. Definitely not an economical ride for college and it wasn’t pretty but it was fun.

We need more yellow!


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Welcome, nice Jeep!

Not sure where in RI you are but a bunch of us meet up Tuesday evenings at the Oakland Beach car show in Warwick. We usually start showing up around 5 and stay till around 7:30 most nights.If you’re close come by and hang out. It’s always a good time. I’m in the black & white YJ.