Yj wheels on a jk?

I have a set of 35x12.5 swampers I’m hoping to stuff onto the jk.
But I have a problem. There on 15s with a 5x4.5 bolt pattern.
I was wondering if there was a way to tell if the wheels would fit before I invest in the adapters. I know 15s are hit and miss on jks. If I have to invest in new rims I’ll probably just sell the 35s and get a nice set of 33s instead

The JK’s bolt spacing is 5x5 or 5x127mm. Designed for 17-18" rims. Regretfully the YJ’s 5x4.5 (5x114.3mm) will not fit. Everything else matches on the 2 Jeeps.

I found a wheel spacer/adapter to make the bolt pattern right for 100 a pair.
My concern was more the clearances with the calipers and steering parts. I don’t want to inves the 200 and have the wheels not fit anyway.


People run 15" steel wheels on JK’s. Alloys are generally a no go.

Yj and jk hub and caliper spacing is the same it is more of the bolt pattern. I suggest in my opinion to use a steel rim at 15" the alloy I have ever used have shattered in the trail when I had my jimmy years ago


You should ask Matt (riarmysgt)he had to get spacer to make it fit.

What’s a set of steels usually go for?
I’m debating if I wanna keep the used tires. They’re in great shape, id guess 80%

Keep the 35’s. 32 is the stock size on jk’s. The jk brakes are about an inch larger in diameter. Steelies can be had for about 50 each. Several club members are running them.

Will 35’s fit ok

I got pitches of $145-$155 each. Zeke’s cutom wheels on Rt 44 dighton ma

Bummer I’ve got a set of adapters to put JK wheels on tjs… With the space you should be alright

If you decide to go another route, I’d be interested in the tires

Steel vs Aluminum battle!

First photo is ATX forged ALUMINUM rim on Loren Healy’s
buggy as he wins 2014 King of Hammers for his SECOND time,
and guess what? He carries no spare!

Second photo is a steel rim after a day in Johnson Valley.
Pretty sure it’s not holding air, maybe he’ll beat those dents out?


Just occurred to me. Will the older rims trip the low tire pressure light?

Yes if you don’t swap the TPMS stems into the older rim. The rim seal kit is easy but reprogramming new modules on Jeeps is a big pain.

TPS? :laughing:

Yes unless you swap the sensors over.