YJ full door outside handle(s) & lock cylinders wanted

Hi guys. I bought a set of full hard doors for my YJ this week because my upper sliders are falling apart haha but can’t put the full doors on yet because the drivers side outside door handle isn’t working right.

I have a feeling it’s missing a piece, or maybe a spring… because the interior handle works fine, exterior handle isn’t doing anything and the handle outside moves when the interior handle is pulled. I took off the interior panel but can’t figure out what’s going on.

Looking for the drivers side handle, they are chrome however I’d like a pair of the black handles if anyone has them laying around as I do not like the chrome… I also need a set of lock cylinders if anyone has a pair.

You can contact me on here or just text me anytime 401 280 5638 whichever is easier.


Just buy new ,they are available. thats what I did & I dont regret it, wish i had bought blask though, chrome one are rusting up. cheap plating.

I’d like to buy new but the factor of shipping is what is stopping me. I had a bad experience buying online where I had to wait 2 weeks for a part that didn’t even end up fitting right so I prefer in person buying now haha. Any local places have them?

Give Jeepin’ Stuff a call?

I actually just wrote them a post on Facebook asking if they had any. Will call them when I’m on break between class.

Looks like they are closed Mondays… So I am still on the hunt if anyone has one!

did you try to call Crown automotive up in Canton, MA? The might have one. just let them know you are with the Ocean State Jeepsters

I will call them tomorrow, thanks! Hopefully they’ll sell to me being a private party and all.


i will be up in the Boston area tomorrow. i could swing by there and pick them up for you. i’ll just have to work out a time with them.

If you could do that that would be awesome. Only if it’s not out of your way. Text me anytime at 4012805638. I am going to check out some Jeep place my buddy told me about tomorrow morning around 10:30 so if you’d like to pm or text me your # so I can tell you if i ended up getting them or not so you don’t need to go there if not needed. Thanks a lot for the offer I appreciate it.