XJ lift items

All the items are about 4 years old or newer from when I installed my first lift. I will post up pics on request.

Fabtec 4" coils-$40
lower control arms -$40
JKS quick disco for 4" to 6" - sold
olympic telescoping nerf bars - sold
c8.25 axle just over 100k miles- $90
procomp adjustable trac bar - sold
rear drive shaft from a 96 28" center to center- sold
stock pitment arm -$20
transfer case drop brackets -$10
JKS front bar pin eliminators (new) - $40
JKS rear bar pin eliminators (new) - sold

My roommate also has a set of rear leafs less than a year old -sold

I also have a set of 31 BFG A/T on stock steel wheels, painted black for $200. there is about 30% tread left on them.

pm sent

bump I added a few more parts.


I’ve updated the list with what I still have left.