XJ front bumper

Anyone have a stock bumper for an XJ?
Don’t care about color

Or a cheap upgrade that is no longer needed

I have my stock still sitting around( front bumper) it’s white.

Send me some pics.


Ill do it tonight, and ill just give it to you have no need for it

I have a red stock bumber still as well

that’s cool guys thanks!

Overheated today lots of pressure from rad. Blew cap off after i thought all pressure was relieved. covered jeep in rusty coolant. Any one have any ideas why this would happen. Replaced thermostat last week while replacing freeze plugs. drove it for 2 days no problems.

how much do you want for the red one?

Could’ve been an air pocket in your cooling system. The coolant level will look full, but there are areas in the engine that won’t have coolant in it and causes it to overheat. Whenever you drain the system it’s hard to fill the entire engine and cooling system with coolant. Sometimes it will work itself out but other times it can be difficult to eliminate an air pocket.

I have a black one I was gonna scrap if anyone wants it