XJ Fenders

So I was looking to get some fenders, but the aftermarket one’s I say are for 96 & under(XJ) are they the same

Here’s the fenders I’m looking at

Only issue i see with those is they are fiberglass, one cold day on the trail might leave you with a big crack. IMO i try to find some metal ones. But that just me

your welcome tiny! now clean my jeep bitchhhh lol

They should fit your Jeep. I know of a few people and have seen a bunch of write ups of people taking a 97+ front end and bolting it up to their 1988 Jeep and the opposite of taking a 1988 duel headlight front end and bolting it up to their 1998 Jeep. But like Matt said, I would stay away from fiberglass, it wouldn’t even need to be a cold day, just hitting the tree with enough pressure would crack it.

K thanks guys

phil buy fiberglass. lol i need a good laugh