XJ Death Wobble

Never had an issue until I replaced the stock steering on my xj with the rugged ridge steering set up and had it aligned.
Since then very impressive death wobble if I hit a bump anywhere at above 30 mph or so.
This is real need to pull over to get it to stop death wobble
I was thinking of toeing in a little and if that doesn’t work go to the currie set up

Any help appreciated

I’ve never seen toe to have a huge affect. My toe changes every trail ride depending on which way my tie rod bends. What is the caster angle? I can make death wobble come and go on my rig with a 2 degree change in caster. 5-7 degrees positive is the sweet spot. Less brings wobble.

Thanks Eric I am up in Alaska currently, but that will be the first thing I check when I get home.

OOOHHHHHHHH i KNOW! me some Death Wobble!

let me know when you get back and we’ll go through the whole front end

That would be great