So I started working on my Tj yesterday, I started with my HD Stearing. That all came out quite easy

The new one went together & in just as easy, (no pic yet) I just need to tork up the nuts, put the cotter pins in put wheels bac on & center them the best i can.
Next I decided to do my axle u-joints

enter problem #1, I go to pop out the old joints using this method That didn’t work
than i tried this method That didn’t work
Than I tried Useing my ball joint press, That didn’t work. So i took them to Cliff’s in coventry, He got them out, i get to pick them up in the morning.
From there i decided to put in the new trans mount,
problem # 2.
All but 1 of the nuts inside the fraim for my skid are no longer attached so my air rachet just spun (the 1 had no bolt). So i broke out the Sawz all & went to work. 5 minutes later vuala.
Guess what i found

So i started hitting it with a hammer to see how bad and
So i just got done wire wheeling it all, So now tomorow befor i go to boston with the family after i swing by cliff’s i get to goto lowes to get a flap disc to clean it up some more, 6 grade 8 nuts bolt and washers and something resebiling piano wir, all to not get to work on it again till saturday & hope i get it finneshed befoe it gets to dark cause sunday is gonna be crappy & i gotta go back to work on monday

i feel your pain. i removed my oil pan 3 times… i’m a pro at this point, but not pro enough i think

what else do you have left on it? is it going to be a burden having me come over for my jeep?

i have to mend the holes, put the skid back up & do the rear main.
It is no burden, I can multi task very well (i have children :laughing: )

A lot of times I gotta use the ball joint tool on the front axle u-joints. Put it in the vise and then put the shafts in the tool. I just replaced one of my dad’s u-joints in his 97 TJ in March and I had to really crank down on that tool with a 16 inch breaker bar and a socket and of course some safety goggles. Makes the loudest sound ever when the caps free themselves. To me it always sounds like I just broke something :confused: when it pops like that.

I definitely know where you are coming from on that one. Sometimes they just won’t budge.

dude that sucks. DID YOU REMBER TO REMOVE THE CLIPS from the u-joints? (i forgot and rembered after beating on the first one for 2 hours).

i had the same problem with one of the factory nutserts, but luckly it started spinning when i was trying to remove it, and it was already half way out (i have 2 1/2" long bolts in mine because i used to have a t-case drop). so we just welded the the edges of the nutsert to the frame, and it all was better.

you can try welding the fatory nutserts like i did, then use bolt extractors and pb’laster the remove the old ones.

also if that doesnt work, when your done patching up your frame, you could probaly drill new holes, use some nutserts, and bolt your skid up using the new nutserts.

The nutserts look fine on the outside, but are toast internaly, I am goin to run new nuts & bolts throught it

when you do, use anti-seize… itll prevent it from this happening again

I ran bolts down through the fraim & welded them in place :smiling_imp:
Once I get the skid back up ill cut them flush with the lip on it