WTB/Searching ford 8.8

Ok so i’ll throw this out there and if anyone hears something let me know.

Looking to swap an 8.8 under when I can, my issue is space more and welding more then anything else. I have no space for an axle and no welder (I can weld-ish). Plan would be to get the artec truss kit, as everything lines up when you put the brackets and truss together. So if anyone happens to have space and time and is willing to help out a fellow jeeper, i come bearing beer (or pizza if you’re underage haha) and knows of an 8.8 that’d be just fantastic :mrgreen:

Try posting something on the Offroad trading post on facebook

i bought mine from a junkyard in MA $200 or $250 something like that. just open up the cover and take a look inside and make sure its clean

a jy in worcester has 3 with 4.10 gears and 3 with 3.73. asking 180. Like I said my issue is storage in the mean time :laughing:

I got mine at k&r salvage in No Prov. $150. Still have carrier with LSD if you need.

Back of your Jeep? :mrgreen:

that’s a fun projectile lol
not to mention I can weld back there :cry:

Actually trying to avoid lsd per Eric’s advice on JF. But thanks!