wtb muffler

looking for a muffler cheap or free lol dont really care what kind as long as it dont have any holes with at least a 2" inlet on it.

going to put it on my blazer. the cat broke down and clogged the muffler wich cause presure to build up and blow my stock muffler in half lol

12 pack of beer and you can have the one I just took off of my jeep.

sounds good to me.

But that’s not just any beer. Its Keystone!

After looking at it last night make it just a 6 pack. You will need to cut off the rear pipe when you come get it. I have a cutoff wheel you can use. I’m just not up to hopping around the garage to get it done. When would you want to pick it up? I’ll be home all week any time after 6PM.

I will have to get with jamie and figure out when we can stop by so i dont end up lost.

:laughing: its easy to get to

Yeah, but rhode island isn’t built on a grid system with numbered streets. It’s built on landmarks and “where the old blank almac’s was”…

Kinda makes it allot harder to find things if your new to the area. :unamused:

Rt 295N and Rt44 have been there for a couple years now and should be pretty easy to find

Alright, Just let me know when.