WTB HP Dana 30 w/4.10's

Title pretty much tells it all, anyone who has one laying around or knows someone who is getting rid of one, i would like to take it off of your hands. i would like for the axle to be HP and for an XJ. Thanx

i have one with a locker and brand new ball joints. i’m looking to get $700 for it. or $500 and you can reuse your old ball joints. i also have a matching 35 with locker all set up for a XJ


man, would i like to take the 30 off your hands but i wasn’t looking to spend that on the d30, sorta workin on a tight budget. I’ll definitely keep you in mind if nothing else comes up. thanx man

These are hard-to-find axles. I checked car-part.com and there are three of them in the New England area. The prices range from $300 to $800. The $300 unit is at General Auto in NH. I’ve dealt with them before and they expected me to pay a $100 core charge refundable when I bring them the old axle.

The 4.10’s are much more common in Wranglers but they are not high pinion.

It might be worth giving Jeeps Unlimited in Providence a call.

Every manual transmission 4cyl YJ has 4.10’s high pinion, BUT they have the stupid split shaft on the passengers side.

I have a matching set of D30 High pinion 4.10’s and D35 4.10’s, Ring and pinion only for sale if interested.

it would be the full bolt in set for you. i know neither was i but after going to get them, getting them home and doing what needed to be done that’s actually less then what i have into them.

I meant to say TJ Wranglers which would be a bolt-in for a Cherokee.