WTB 4 rims w/tires

looking for a crappy set 5x4.5. just to use when i flat tow so i dont wear out my bighorns. pref smaller than 33". if you see some please let me know.

Thinking ahead to the Rausch Creek trip are we . . .

if you go on Facebook at all there is a group called the New England Offroad Trading Post. i’m sure someone will have what your looking for. just a set of stocker wheels should be ok to use for flat towing.


DO NOT GO TO CRAPPY< I blew a rear tire flat towing at 65mph. you should see the mess it makes if the guy driving does not notice it right away(nephew). :astonished:

yeah i just meant not new and pricey. thanks

Bill , are you looking for some just for the raush trip/ i have 4 on 16" on rims that i put on my wrangler for the winter you could have, they just passed inspection too. i am going to run a differrent set up next winter. let me know & ya can come look at em. my # in the members contact list. AJ

thats awesome, yes i was looking for rausch trip. also thinking of getting a brake buddy so i can flat tow it whenever i go further. i call tonite. you dont want anything for em?

come take a look & we will talk,brake buddy =$$$$$