WTB 4 235/75r15 tires with enough thread for the winter.

I need these for my 98 Jimmy which I drive most of the time while my girl drives my Jeep (which is safer so it makes me happy).

I have large chrome summer wheels on it, I don’t even want to say what size they are because you guys will ban me from the club. :laughing: But I am taking them off for the winter, problem with the Jimmy is the 4x4 doesn’t work (never looked into why it doesn’t, don’t want to put anymore $ into it!) so I need as much rear end traction as possible. The factory tires are getting low on thread so I’m looking for four 235/75r15 or similar all terrain/snow style tires with at least enough thread left for the winter. I’d buy new tires but I’m going to keep this as a backup car when I buy my second Jeep… Which the girlfriend wont be allowed to steal. :smiley:

let me know what ya got and how much, If you can mount them that’d be even better!


235/70r15 will do too.