Woodriver Junction in R.I.

Does anyone here live in this area? I found a guy on craigslist that has a set of tailgate hinges for my YJ, and because there’s no real rush to get them, I figured someone could grab them and give them to me at the next meet.

i’ll probably pass by there or around there Sat

I sent you a pm prior to this post. When is a good time to call you?

I work a few miles away on Saturdays. I could meet the seller around 4:30 or 5 on my way home then if they’re available.

I told him I’d call first before I picked them up. If Derick can’t get them, I’ll let you know Don, and thanks.

i’ll probably go hiking in the afternoon so i’ll be able to pick them up around noon time then again when i leave the woods.

I think this guy wants me to remove them off the Jeep. Not sure yet, but I’ll find out. I’ll call him before the weekend to see what the story is.

either way. it won’t take long.

LMAO! Please, don’t use a sledgehammer!!! :open_mouth: He wants $20.00 for them!!! :astonished:

I live in the neighborhood and can get them for you on Sat if for some reason the other guys cannot.