wipers just stopped??

I was driving today and my wipers stopped mid turn. I checked the fuse it was good. The wiper motor was replaced maybe a month ago and working fine until today. All the turn signals and horn work. I’m not really willing to take it to a mechanic to figure it out. Any suggestions or past experiences ?

Sounds like a bad motor again. Defective part

there is a similar fuse next to the wiper motor you can swap it to be sure the one in there is good, did the colunm get wet recently? I hear that rain can kill the clock spring… :frowning:

Okay, check the wiper system this way. Fuses near motor and in fuse box. Relay in fuse box area underhood. Selector switch make sure that hasn’t failed. Motor apply 12v to the terminals and see if it cycles

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Well it turned back on for a few seconds and then stopped again when I vigorously hit the lever back and forth which leads me to believe it’s the wiper switch? I guess that’s my next project I’ve heard one from dodge neons will fit and work just fine anyone know if that’s true?

So funny story one of the bolts that hold the wiper motor to the metal piece that attaches to the jeep back out and got in the way of the arm and stopped it. So there in lies the problem.