Winch Suggestions

I have a friend who has a CJ7. 33/35 inch tires. Average lift height and vehicle weight. She is looking for a winch in the $300-700 range. She was interested in the Smittybuilt XRC8 (I think it’s called ??) that runs around $300-400.

I was wondering if people could post up about the winches they own. A few sentences maybe. Pros and cons that you have noticed about your winch or about others you have witnessed. Please include the winch model and brand too.

I’m thinking some of the Milemarkers, Smittybuilts, cheaper Superwinches, and some others might be a good start. Maybe even a cheaper Warn if there is such a thing ;D

I will collect any comments and pass them along to her. Thanks in advance. I appreciate any and all comments. 8)

i actually just got back from some wheeling that turned a lot more extreme than i was expecting. my winch saved my a$$ tonight. i was tossed between the xrc 8 and 10. the xrc 8 goes for 299 and the xrc 10 for 399. i figured for an extra 100 u really cant go wrong. also get it from amazon. free shipping and no sales tax

got my xrc 8 for 240. And you’ve seen in in action Luke.

Superwinch epi9, around $550 and one of the fastest winches out there. the soleniods are bigger and better than the warn. they are made right here in the usa.

Gotta love that!

You can actually take a tour of the shop in Ct. :sunglasses:

thank you for the comments so far. . . very helpful. . . I will check back in a few

Axle that Superwinch model does look like a good deal and a good product from the specs on it. :sunglasses:

i dont have a winch yet but when time comes to purchase one i’ll be looking for that Made in U.S.A. sign :wink: