Winch Recommendations?

So my XRC8 is pretty much junk so I’m in the market for a new winch. Any recommendations dations? It’s a shame superwinch isn’t around anymore.

Superwinch is back! Warn is another possibility. I’d choose between the two.

There are so many. I’m definitely going with synthetic line even if I have to change it out.

Following as I’m thinking about getting a winch before a lift kit.

Smitty built is good. Call Cody he has a few for sale

Smittybilt is fine. No problems at all.

So with the Smittybilt, I had a couple issues at the Badlands when I tried to use my winch. First was that the free spool/ clutch disengage wouldn’t work and the winch was stuck engaged. Not a huge deal I guess but then when I tried to use the controller, the damn thing started sparking. I ran over to try and undo the power cable and the bolt was stripped… luckily Mark had a head and yanked the terminal off the post. I kept wheeling meaning to take it easy and got into an sketchy spot on a hill and had to back out off the trail.

When I got home I stripped the winch off the Jeep to try and figure out what’s going on. Looks like one of the power wires rubbed on the grill and wore away the protective coating. While I was at it, I tried to take the cover off to get at the disengage level but couldn’t get it off and broke the flange on the cover in the process. I ordered new parts to try and rebuild it so hopefully I can get it working again.

I missed wheeling chutes and ladders last week and I want to get into the blues and easier blacks so I want something reliable to save me. I got a American Express gift card as a bonus for my 5th year at my current job so I just sprung for a new Superwinch Talon 9.5ISR with synthetic rope. I’ll put the Smittybuilt on the TJ and the Superwinch on the YJ.

I ran both a Superwinch Tiger Shark and a Warn Xenon.

I think the Tigershark was a great value considering it was bulletproof and simple. I ran that TS a lot because it was on my first 4cyl Jeep…

There are lots of options, but if you want to buy something that was the quality/reliability factor, I’d compare all your options to the tigershark.

That’s the same setup I have and it hasn’t let me down in the 7+ years of having it on my Jeep.