Winch for sale?

Anyone have a decent winch for sale?

harbor freight!!! 12k for 400 bucks I think there is 3 guys here using them, no complaints

Gene does, a tiger shark for 300


Ok thanks guy I’ll go check out harbor freight

The harbor freight has sales and 20% coupon 249 for the 12k

Gene B is upgrading winches and is selling his entry level Superwinch for $300.

I bought harbor freight winch when it was on sale.
Unfortunately its in the basement since I bought it in December.

I haven’t heard a bad thing about them yet. There is a full replacement warranty within the first two years.

I’ve had a Harbor Frieght winch, 12k for a year now and work the hell out of it with no problem. It is a little slow but reliable. Mike Landon had a small issue with his and it was replaced with no hassle

Get the Harbour freight ones, recently I have seen Tow drivers install them on their decks because of the cost / reliability.