Who's good with gears?

So recently (unfortunately) I’ve been laid off so I just so happen to have a lot of time on my hands… I’ve always been involved with mechanic work, but I’ve never re-geared anything by myself before! I’m either looking for some help, or someone that may be able to take care of it on the cheap :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks in advance!

My mechanical ability ends with a martini shaker. Calling Ricky.


Ricky or mike

Or contact S&B Kustoms on the vendor page, Sean’s good with gears

What size axles do you have and what gears\tire size are you thinking about running?

You’re pretty good with the martini shaker, though. :mrgreen:

x2 on S&B Kustoms…he did my 4.56’s in my TJ…we had to do the carrier and pinion bearings also, because I went from 3.07 to 4.56…Did the whole thing…
Also, he’s out of work right now, and could use all the jobs we can send him…0ranger99 is his name on the forum…

Well believe it or not I’m still running the D30 and D35’s… Was planning on an axle swap soon but with finances the way they are at the moment I’m kind of “pussy-footing” around that… But I did get a Superior Super35 kit for $100 and installed that a few months back so it’ll have to do for now. All bearings and seals are new on the front and rear, the only thing I wasn’t too comfortable with by myself was re-gearing them… I’ve got the 35’s on it now, and will not be going any higher until I swap axles out… But for the lack of power I’ll be gearing to 4.88

I have done 4 sets of gear installs. got tools

^ No issues?

No problems. Gears are easy, but they take loads of time. Lots of trail and error.

Just gonna need to get set up bearings for the d30 and d35. I seem to have misplaced my old d30 & d44 set up bearings.

Also we’ll have to pick up an inch pound dial indicator torque wrench. I borrowed one in the past.

Ricky…I have the setup bearings for the 30 and 35…If you guys are going to do it, let me know, I’ll be down at S&B Kustoms this weekend, and can grab them for you to borrow…