What's up jeepsters

my name is Josh, i owned my jeep wrangler jk for about few years now and she’s has been being builded up from that little stock jeep down the street. :laughing: been building her up from december of 2012, it started with my kc windshield lights then went to 4" lift kit. up until this summer never went off roading. can’t wait to go onto another trail ride. JEEP- Just Empty Every Pocket

Welcome! Don’t worry, we go on a lot of jeep runs!

thank, cant wait for the mud :laughing:

welcome to the group Josh. we still have some fun events coming up besides wheeling, hopefully we’ll see you out at a couple


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome and wear and how did u hear about us

to that i’m not overly sure, but i went to the jeep fest down to the jeep dealer ship in north kingstown and saw the group and and why not to the site

Welcome to the forum Josh.



thanks for making feel welcome to your group. can’t wait to go to your meeting next month


welcome josh

welcome to OSJ, quite possibly the best off road club on the planet! :sunglasses:

That’s a bold statement CJ! Western hemisphere maybe . . . but whole planet? I don’t know . . . .

no doubt in my mind about that :laughing: