1987 258 (4.2) six, completely rebuilt by simplex in providence in 2008. motor has 18426 miles on it. COMES COMPLETE WITH, clifford 6=8 intake , header, holley truck avenger carb, exuaghst all the way back. ( intake carb, header & exaughst wore installed a little over a 1yr ago. CRT HEI distributer. 100amp alt., power steering pump was replaced with new wthin last 3 yrs, also comes with the radiator (new in 08) basically a turn key 4.2 just add your tranny & go. will throw in a rebuildable TF 999 auto tranny I have. SO WHAT IS IT WORTH$$. THINKING ABOUT GETTING A V-8, HAVE A LINE ON ONE.

I think it would be hard to get more than $1,500 because its something of a specialty item. You might try surfing JeepForum, etc. to get better idea what people are buying/paying.

I suspect Posimoto will have some useful insight. . .

Sounds like a nice engine for the right person. It comes down to how patient you are about selling it. If you want to move it fast sell it in the $250-$400 range, if you want to sit on it and wait for the right person $500-$700. I would sell the radiator as a single item at $50

The inline 6 is not a hard engine to find I have a 258 with a rebuilt top end with all the accessories and it’s not moving at $250. I’ve sold theses engines anywhere from $100-$500 in the past. Not saying you can’t get more.

Hope this helps.

thanks posi, think I just keep it & run the snot out of it, got to much $$$ invested. think it needs a cam though. GENE? you still got that cam you were telling me about when we wheeled mabell?.

Good decision, their great engines and built for offroad, tons of low end torque where its most needed on the trail.

I know one person that loves that decision-the WIFE :laughing:

Wow. I’m surprised at how poor the market is. I paid over $200 just for the Clifford manifold on the 258 in my Scout and that was like 25 years ago!!!

yeah ,Thats why I was getting an idea of value, its not worth the hit with all the cash sunk into this motor, think I"ll just finish it with a cam this winter & run it till I blow it.