What do you guys/gals think

About to pull the trigger on this. I know if call them i can get it for $225 and free shipping. It got good reviews, even with from a guy with a 2010 JK. Sale ends in 3 days

4wd.com/Jeep-Drivetrain-Jeep … PTX2210-LR

Go for it. It will make the trail ride coming up a lot easier for you.

That’s a good deal for a LockRite. I have a Lockrite in my CJ (rear) and beat the crap out of it. Works great!

Just bought it, 224.99 shipped to my door, now to explain it to the wife. That is the hard part!

In the famous words of Sgt. Schultz . . . “I know nothing, I say nothing”

The only problem with a lunchbox locker in a daily driver is that you will be all over the place running 4wd in the snow.

Same thing with my TJ.

Have it shipped to work…works for me!

I hated the noise my lock right made.

if you get a after market diff cover you hardly notice any noise

Solves all my noise problems . . . .


bigger and better :smiling_imp:

if you want something quiet, there is always Lexus…

That reminds me, I need a new stereo to help with my noise problems.

I liked my lock right, never heard it but I run thicker gear lube