What did you do to your Jeep today?

The purpose of this thread is to let everyone know the little things we all do to our Jeeps. You know under the hood during lunch or any Mods that dont require a wrenching party.

Upgraded tires to BFG KM2’s 265x75x16 from the Procomp 305x70x16. :smiley:

THe BFG’s fixed the death wobble :angry: and are much quiter on the highway. Not that being quiter in the highway means much to me. Uncle sugar made me deaf.

i found ProComps to be the loudest tire i ever ran

I loaded mine onto a trailer and dragged it to the repair shop. I’m done trying to figure out why the brakes are not working.

Put the rain cover on

Rinsed the mud off the radiator and trans cooler then parked it in the drive way.

ugh, thanks for reminding me

My rigs starting to become a whore. I replaced my smashed hatch with the one I got off of gene

Haha Mike that poor XJ gets a new battle scar each time. Need to put a cage around it soon lol.

After reading a little more, they are and the cause of the death wobble more than most other tires.

Painted my tube fenders

got a metal battery tray off ebay and welded that in the back. so i could install a 2nd battery and 750 watt power inverter. the inverter will run power tools and recharge the welder. the battery terminal that i put on is pretty cool it has a led read out on it. i wired that to a little push button. last night i changed a piece of my front stinger and welded a hook on the top of it to connect the winch hook to when its not being used. the hook also works for hanging a scale off of to see how much c02 i have left.

I definitely want to. Just trying to wrap up other things first like swapping the rear end out. Slap some skds on. Long arms. Then I wanna start working on the cage

Deadlined my jeep. the frame has a crack and rot where the control arms connect. Went to safe-t-cap and picked up a bracket now to cut and weld. The trick is to find someone willing to weld. I’m defiantly not a welder. I guess I could McGavier it with some duct tape and gum.

guys around here will help you out Tad just ask around

I know derick. The club has good people here. I’m going to ask around tomorrow to see if anyone is interested in doing some welding.

Sounds like a tec day to me maybe two.
Lot going on in that area. Im down to help out but going on vation next week and be gone till Sept.2

Broke a swaybar arm :unamused:


Heading out in a few minutes to replace my bent tie rod with upgraded ZJ tie rods…

cleaned loose rust and dirt from the whole that used to be the chassis near my rear control arm.

(If you saw it at jeep fest then you know how bad it has gotten)