What are they worth?

I’m looking to the future here but when i do upgrade my axles i will be using a set from a JK

Stock 2011 non Rubicon JK axles with 25k.
What do you think they are worth?

Also if any of you non Rubicon JK guys are thinking of upgrading I found a set of Rubicon axles for 4k

Non-Rubicon JK axles would be a step backward. Sideways at best. You might as well go for some DynaTrac Trail Series or G2’s.

Keep in mind that you will have to jump through hoops to keep your speedo working. My advice would be to alloy-up what you got and then wheel it.

P.S. Get me in touch with the guy who owns that land!!!

Would you want to help me fix my rotted front coil bucket, just the center?

Yes. Coil buckets are an easy fix.