What are the risks...

(besides the obvious) …of ordering wheels/tires online? And do the risks outweigh the cost?

We went to Town Fair Tire in South Attleboro for a quote on (5) 33" ProComp Mud Terrains on 16" Cragar Soft 8 Steel wheels. They quoted us almost $1900 to have them balanced, installed, etc… :open_mouth: I’m sure I can get everything for less $$$ if I go online, but then where do I take them to get mounted/balanced, etc.?

We would like to have them before the Fall Crawl and definitely before the Jeep Jamboree in October.

If you are ordering BOTH the tires and wheels online then they will already mounted & balanced. All you will need to do is bolt them on. Ordering just tires (or just wheels) is usually a different story since alot of local shops would not be so interested in mounting up tires you purchased elsewhere. I’ve had the best luck online with Tire Rack, 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, and 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. The latter two places (which I believe are now rolled under the same management) oftentimes have some sweet deals like buy 3 get 1 free, free shipping, and so forth. Lastly, these packages ship truck frieght which typically does not do residential deliveries. You may need to ship them to a business address or pick them up at the UPS site (which I what I have done in the past). Good Luck!

4 Wheel Drive Hardware had my set delivered to my door by UPS. Mounted, balanced, center caps and lugnuts. They guy even put them in my garage with a pallet jack!

I bought my tires from 4 wheel parts 36-13.5-15 Irock Superswampers and 15x10 in Dick Cepeck rims mounted and balanced shipped to my house for $1,680.00. :wink:

just read my town fair tire post… I think Matt had major issues getting a set of wheels too.

Summit Racing - 48 hours standard UPS (they’re in Cleveland - 1 day from Cleveland to Worcester, 1 day from Worcester to your house) - can’t beat it. Probably a day or so extra since they’d come freight, but I’ve gotten a bunch of parts from Summit and their shipping is the cheapest I’ve found.

I wouldn’t let town fair tire even put air in my tires. THEY SUCK!!!

Wow allot of neg feedback on town fair… Lol. I’ve never had a problem with them tire wise. Now alignments are a diff story. Seems like they can’t get it right the first time. Once in a while I get a tech that actually knows what he’s doing and it gets dome right. Although he doesn’t usually last that long. They hire and fire very freaquently.

For tires, I don’t deal with any sales people. I just go around back and throw the shop manager a few bucks to do my work. This method hasn’t failed me yet. Perfect balancing and no rim damage as of yet.

If your looking to buy tires. I think you can get a better deal elsewhere. They are kinda overpriced compared to some online retailers, even after you include shipping costs.

The TFT manager at the Warwick store was just replaced with the one from N. Attleboro that I know personally. He will straighten that place out.