Whaling City Festival - Car Show / Fair

Whaling City Festival - Car Show / Fair

Buttonwook Park, New Bedford, Mass
Sunday July 15, 2011
8 AM - 3 PM
Registration 8AM - 12 PM Trophies at 3 PM
$15.00 per Car or Truck

Meeting at 8:45AM at the McDonalds off exit 2 on 195

Sorry for the short notice but this is a week away and just want to make sure everyone had this in mind. let me know if you are going to be able to make it

We will be there.

I’m planning on being there

Sorry, we’ll be in Boston for the Red Sox on Monday :smiley:

good thing the event is on Sunday then :smiley:


Hotel room for the weekend :sunglasses:

anybody else planning on going? no sense in 2 or 3 people going

I am still putting my jeep backtogether so I can go on vacation starting tuesday.

I’m in the same boat as AJ. Jeepless and getting worried that it won’t be back together in time for Gretchens. I could possibly stop in for a couple hours but cannot make a whole day affair out of it.

I’m pretty sure I will be spending my Sunday cleaning beer cans out of my neighbors bushes and trying to explain to my wife why im friends with someof the people i invited so I’m gonna have to pass on the festivities

just tell her it’s a Jeep thing and to not bother to try and understand. :blush: :laughing:

so what’s the plan? Are we still in or are we bailing?

Due to lack of interest, (3 rigs)) I think its best to cancel this event. I’ll inform U.S.A. Jeepowners that they’re on their own.

Tech Day at Erics! i hope your frig is stocked!

:cry: This is usually such a great event! I’m sad that noone wants to play with us this year.

if anybody still wants to go, they can meet up with the USA Jeep Owners group if they are still planning on attending

Yea, filled with a bunch of nasty flavored beer that even I won’t drink.

I call shenannigans. There is no beer that nasty. :laughing:

Sorry to say but I won’t be able to make it either :blush: