West End Community Center Touch a Truck - Saturday 10/6/12

A friend of mine is the co-director for a touch a truck event at the West End Community center in Providence, and asked if I could bring my Jeep along with 2 others to the event. This may be an opportunity for some publicity for the club, as well as an opportunity to meet a few state reps who are sure to be campaigning.

Anyone interested in joining me?

Meet up is in the parking lot of Stop&Shop in Warwick (the one next to lowes) at 9am Saturday

Info from their flyer:

i’ll have to check the calender but it sounds like a good chance to shake some hands and kiss some babies.

Im in!

I could prob go

I’m a tentative. If I’m not fishing then I would plan to be there.

They would like us there no later than 9:30am. I am thinking we can all meet up in the parking lot of Stop&Shop in Warwick (the one next to lowes) at 9am.

Cards, banner, poster board? Any other thoughts?

Just realized I will be in Atlantic City for a show this weekend and need to hit the road by 10 am Saturday morning.

I’m not sure who ended up with the banner and poster board. Stacey?

P.S. I moved this to the public events forum as an announcement to hopefully get more visibility.

I’m in. I’ll be there

just know the parents dont hold back the kids!!! i had a kid stomping on my steering wheel even… no open door for me again…
but im in…

Mike, Gene, or whoever will be there:

If you have not already done so then get in touch with Stacey. I think she may have the banner. Or maybe Derick.

i dont think i have it but i’ll check my truck at lunch time… actually maybe i do have it. :confused:

Were are we meeting and what time

i have the banner and will be there at 9. i’m not sure where the fliers or the tent/table are.

Its funny right after i asked i seen it lol :blush: better read more then twice then ask lol

I’ll see y’all at 9 if I can get my ass out of bed in like 3 hours!


Sorry I gotta cancel last sec. Have fun guys

Im not gonna make it

out the door now. a little D&D and i will be there

I want to send thanks out to those who attended the event today, Cody, Mike T, Derek and Mike L. Sorry Cody, I didn’t snap a picture after you arrived. :smiley:

Pretty descent event is say. My Lil man and I had fun. Thanks for the invite mike.