Website as an APP on your phone

Here is a quick how too for those that want to use the website as an APP on your phone instead of using internet explorer.

Following steps are for IOS (iPhone) but I assume it can also be done on Android.

Click on share button on the bottom of your screen,

Then click on “add to Home Screen”

Then click on Add

Finally you see the following icon on your phone screen.

From here you can turn on notifications and when get updates…

For PC user on windows you can do the same thing by adding the website as a shortcut to your desktop and it will turn into an APP on your PC.

Hope this helps out for other members.



Nice. Works on android too, just click add to home from the drop down.

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Thanks! This was so easy and I couldn’t figure it out. Lol

Literally asked Ricky at the Christmas Party tonight about using this site as an app as I would visit the old forum using Tapatalk. Spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out how to add it to my Home Screen so, thank you!