WANTED: Two 5 on 4.5" wheels

I’m looking for two 5 on 4.5" wheels to borrow or free. Does not matter how bad they are as long as they can roll. I need these to move my axles during the install and they MUST NOT have tires. With tires they will be too tall.

I have a set of 4 15x12.5 33" tires on rims I just took off my TJ if these work I can get them to you or we could meet up anytime.

I’d prefer to avoid messing around with removing tires from wheels. I’d be happy with a pair of rusted and bent factory steelies. As long as they can still roll.

Understandable if you strike out Finding just rims let me know

I got a set for you eric, I can most likely drop them off tomorrow on my way back to CT

Cool. Just leave them anywhere if i am not there.

Will do

I literally just scraped 2 wheels lol should of checked here first

You should have donated them to the land acquisition cause!


O I haven’t thought about that lol :blush: