I’m looking for a cheap tj hard top.
if anyone see one, please let me know

i have a buddy with one but the local kids broke the back window, the rest is fine. $200

hmm, ill have to check that out, i wonder if i can get new glass

can you get me pic’s im interested

also a number? :laughing:

Its only the back window . . .

yeah i deiced that i will fix it with plexiglass, simple and cheap

i’ll let him know and get some pics

any updates?

:blush: sorry not yet. tomorrow

can you PM his number? ill call him, i have cash in hand… or have him call me 6122-YELOJK

newenglandjeepz.org/forum/for-sa … top-t8185/

sorry Ricky, i’ve been SUPER busy these past couple weeks. here are some pics of the top. if you want to take a look at it just give me a call and i can meet you there. he normally works weird hours so he may or may not be there. 401-219-0342

wait a minute… you call hanging with Mikey and Minnie “super busy”… hmmmmm, not so much!


no problem lol


i had to spend the money… so ill have to wait till next month, i should be working then