wanted stock TJ muffler

I am looking for a new or in good shape “quite” TJ 4.0 muffler. My factory one is barely holding on by a thread.

I have a near-new stainless magnaflow that is not much louder than stock. Inlet/outlet are 2 1/2". Retail value over $100. Price to you is $50.

Sounds good to me

Make sure your exhaust is 2 1/2". I was using this on my V8 Grand Cherokee for a month before I swapped everything over from my old rig. I have no idea if the I6 has 2 1/2".

you can have mine, its in ok shape. should last another year or so i just need your old tail pipe

Eric ill measure it tomorrow. It’s to dark out there now. Derrick, thanks I will let you know if his will work or not thanks guys

okay update… google search said it is 2-1/4…will verify this tomorrow though. Derrick, does your have the tail pipe still connected?

My Cherokee measures 2 1/4.

Eric, your muffler wont work, sorry as my pipe is 2-1/4 as well… Derrick, I am interested in yours If the offer is still open.

glen, I think you accomplished a motor swap quicker than your muffler issues :laughing:

ya, i’ll just have to weld on your old tail pipe section onto the new muffler i have and you can have the old setup. do you daily drive yours?

HA…so true… luckily, I was able to get myine back on for now but it is only a matter of time…

No problem on the welding as long as I can get my old one out… Yes this is my daily driver for the most part. I do have a backup…

alright, let me see what i pull out of my hat. i need to swap my exhaust manifold. i’d like to try and do that this weekend. maybe i’ll just throw the new muffler on without a tail pipe till i can weld your used one on